Since competing on 'American Idol,' Noah Thompson claims he has improved as a songwriter

Since competing on 'American Idol,' Noah Thompson claims he has improved as a songwriter

Updated on July 13, 2022 17:51 PM by Ava Sara

Thanks to all the Advise Thompson has the singing part down quite well thanks to the advice he's received during his time on American Idol, but he said that songwriting is his next challenge. What has he Discovered? He has thus far discovered that moving into this new area of the music business has been a learning curve. What did he reply to? I'm eager forward to compete now that I have the opportunity because I'm no longer working 80 hours a week at my previous job. Finally, he replied, "I can sit down and try to create a few tunes.

Have Topic To Discuss The native of Kentucky isn't used to producing lyrics, but Idol provided him with the push he needed to begin polishing those abilities. "Working on that program has unquestionably improved my writing. I now have a topic to discuss. Thomson Debutd the Song! Thomson debuted the song "One Day Tonight," written by Brett Sheroky, Jared Griffin, and Trannie Anderson, during his participation in the contest. What did Thomson Get? Thomson got a taste of the technique even though he wasn't a writer on the program.

What did the HunterGirl Provide? HunterGirl, a fellow country musician and Idol runner-up, provided backup vocals for him on his first single. Previously Hinted The two of them had previously hinted at a potential duet, but nothing has been formally confirmed. He doesn`t consider himself to be Talented He told the audience before starting the song that he doesn't consider himself to be a talented songwriter, but he still wanted to know what they thought of the song he had written up to that point. Thompson Stated I've been working on this, so here it is. We'll see what you guys think, but I don't believe I'm a very good songwriter," Thompson stated.

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