Shelley Duvall Says Her Return To The Big Screen Makes Me Want To Do More Acting. After 20 Years

Shelley Duvall Says Her Return To The Big Screen Makes Me Want To Do More Acting. After 20 Years

Updated on December 12, 2022 10:00 AM by Michael Davis

Shelley Duvall is delighted to be back in the spotlight

The Shining actress talked about her experience making a comeback to acting in the upcoming horror movie The Forest Hills with news sources in an interview that was released on Thursday.

Duvall, 73, said to the source, "I know it's been a while. "Yet it's been fantastic. It feels great, and it really has. encourages me to pursue acting further."

"Actually, acting in a movie is a lot of fun. I should cherish every second of it, "She went on.

Duvall will play Mama in the werewolf thriller The Forest Hills, the mother of Rico (Chiko Mendez), and Emily, in the upcoming horror movie (Linda Flores). 

The Terminator 2: Judgment Day actor Edward Furlong and E.T. and The Howling alum Dee Wallace are also part of the Forest Hills cast, which is directed and produced by Scott Goldberg.

Duvall can be seen grinning on set with Felissa Rose, who plays Dr. Gonzalez in the movie, in fresh photographs that were released with news sources exclusively earlier this month.

The 53-year-old Rose, renowned for the 1983 film Sleepaway Camp, told news sources  that Duvall is "a true legend." "Shelley has always been my inspiration and has surpassed my expectations in both her personal and professional life,"

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Director-producer Goldberg stated to news sources in the meantime, "The wonderful part of working with Shelley is how much warmth and love she radiates into the space. She is friendly, and it is clear that despite having left the performing business years ago, she is still a true professional."

"Working with Felissa Rose and Shelley Duvall was a great experience, and you could see the chemistry on set," continued cinematographer-producer Scott B. Hansen.

Manna From Heaven, released in 2002, was Duvall's final screen appearance before she announced her acting retirement. She recently revealed to news sources that her Forest Hills character has a "quiet fury, which occasionally turns explosive."

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She added that the "amazing" two-man team were "genuine professionals" and noted that this was the first time she had ever collaborated with a director over FaceTime. Regarding the remote filming experience, Duvall remarked, "It was fantastic, really rewarding," and joked, "Welcome to the future."

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