Sheila runs to the hospital as soon as she finds out Steffy is alive!

Sheila runs to the hospital as soon as she finds out Steffy is alive!

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Deacon faces Sheila

Sheila is comforted by Deacon in a room. Deacon hugged Sheila from behind while she was crying. He says sorry for knowing how much he loved Finn. Utilizing the silence and dim light in the room, Hope and Liam start removing each other's clothes. To begin their romance at the moment.

Love gets interrupted by Brooke

As the couple gets a little closer, Brooke suddenly enters the room. Meanwhile, Hope loudly reminds Brooke about the kids' absence. Steffy is lying on the bed in the hospital when Ridge asks her to utilize all her strength and be back soon.

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Thomas and Taylor in the corridor

Steffy has been showcased to be back soon because the children need her. Thomas breaks down and says, 'I need you, 'you are my best friend.'Thomas asks Taylor, 'what the hell happened tonight?' Taylor exclaimed about Finn, "he's just gone." She thinks of a monster shooting them and leaving them lying in the alley. 

The hotel room conversation

Deacon keeps his coat on Sheila and lies beside her. Sheila asks him to find them. Deacon consolidates her by saying, 'they are gone long ago. Taylor assures Thomas that Steffy is not going anywhere.

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Thomas thinking

Meanwhile, Thomas wonders what if Steffy saw Finn get shot. Although, Finn is gone. Taylor is worried to think about Sheila's condition. What would she think about Finn?

Deacon breaks down Sheila

Deacon said to Sheila that her son knew how much she loved him. He asks her to meet her son one more time in the hospital. Deacon warns her not to clash with Steffy's family. Deacon tells Sheila that Steffy is still alive. This sentence breaks her heart into pieces.

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