Riverdales Conclusion After Seven Seasons Unravels

Riverdales Conclusion After Seven Seasons Unravels

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Riverdales Conclusion After Seven Seasons Unravels

(Riverdales Conclusion After Seven Seasons Unravels /Image Credits:Screen Rant)

When the series first started we followed a group of high school sophomores who navigated love triangles while unraveling the murder of Jason Blossom, in their small town. However as the show progressed it took some narrative risks that divided its audience and ultimately retained the most dedicated fans.

For those curious about how this wild ride ends; we've got you covered. In Riverdales season a mix of supernatural events transports our ensemble cast back to 1955 as high school juniors with their memories of previous seasons erased (though later restored). By the finale 67 years have passed, bringing us back to day. With Jugheads passing Betty is now an 86 year old living alone and struggling with memory loss but yearning to reminisce about her glory days, alongside her friends.In a straightforward conclusion the spirit of young Jughead visits Betty and takes her on a journey back, to the time when everyone was together. He then guides her through the destinies of their friends as individuals in 2023.

Archie Andrews

Riverdales Conclusion After Seven Seasons Unravels

(Archie Andrews /Image Credits:Slash Film)

A lot has transpired between the ultimate seasons; if you need an idea of how much let it be known that in the penultimate episode Archie discovers—when our pals from 1955 regain their memories of 2023—that he has experienced being "a boxer, prisoner, football player, [and] soldier." However in the timeline of 1955 basketball is the sport at Riverdale High of football. Archie proves himself to be a player who eventually becomes team captain. He also goes on dates before committing to a steady relationship with Betty.

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Betty Cooper

Riverdales Conclusion After Seven Seasons Unravels

(Betty Cooper /Image Credits:Amino Apps)

After seasons filled with adventures—Archies poetic reflection in the final episode about his friends escapades includes this special mention, for Betty; "I grew up next door to Betty Cooper/ Who everyone thinks is absolutely amazing/"Just avoid mentioning the word 'tangerine' because it triggers something unsettling, in her. In 1955 Betty became a writer who also managed the Blue & Gold newspaper. She focuses on feminism, progressive ideas and embracing liberation. Betty even starts a magazine called the Teenage Mystique, which later becomes the inspiration for her successful self published novel.

Veronica Lodge

Riverdales Conclusion After Seven Seasons Unravels

(Veronica Lodge/Image Credits:Slate Magazine)

Veronica on the other hand is a student from Los Angeles. Her parents are famous for starring in America's rated TV show called Oh Mija. Veronica has always had a spirit, which she carried with her before time travel."

Jughead Jones

Riverdales Conclusion After Seven Seasons Unravels

(Jughead Jones/Image Credits:Seat42F)

After a series of wild escapades, including an incident where Jughead claims to have coerced his teacher into leaping out of a window his primary focus, in the 1950s is to pursue a career in writing and publishing comics. To achieve this he becomes an apprentice at Pep Comics, his publisher (which also happens to be the real life creator of Archie Comics). Along the way he enters into a relationship with Veronica. Together they tackle crime solving adventures. With a nod to the audience Jughead even comes up with ideas for characters like Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Ultimately he establishes himself as an editor at Jugheads Madhouse Magazine—a publication that attains recognition despite being labeled by its own creator as "juvenile satire at best." As life progresses Jughead never takes the plunge, into marriage. Eventually passes away at the age of 84.

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