RHOBH's Kyle Richards shares 'Hardest' Time, How Her Life has Changed Since Filming, and If She's Getting a Stylist

RHOBH's Kyle Richards shares 'Hardest' Time, How Her Life has Changed Since Filming, and If She's Getting a Stylist

Updated on July 11, 2022 16:56 PM by Emma Alice

In 1990, Kyle Richards had a role in Halloween - three decades earlier than her stint on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle's relationship with Paris Hilton, the daughter of her sister Kathy, was most fascinating at the time. But it was their sister Kim who had true fame. Hello! interviewed Kyle about her toughest time on the show: “Obviously, my sister Kim was my hardest time because that is family. The arguments we have on the show don't just end when the cameras go off, and they spill over into your personal life, and you cannot control the mood and how you feel. I try very hard to avoid having it impact my mood at home.” As Kyle explained, her life has evolved in a number of ways since season 1. “I had a new baby at the time I started the show, and I had not been acting for quite some time. Therefore, I was a busy stay-at-home mom at the time.”

In addition to homework, doctors, dentists, soccer practice, tennis lessons, and all those things, I suddenly became a working mum and felt guilty about all these things.” After becoming a working mum and producing television, as well as returning to acting, the star said, “I became more and more proud of myself, and the more I do, the more proud my daughters become of me.” Taking an in-depth look at ourselves and reflecting on everything helps you grow and learn.” Kyle said she has never used a stylist, despite her fame for years. “I’m sure people are saying, ‘Yeah you can tell!’ But no, I never used a stylist. I don’t travel with a glam squad either. I like to be well dressed when I’m working, I like color. My style varies from day to day. Some days I want to be conservative, some days I want to be edgy.”

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As soon as I'm away with the show on a trip, I do my best, so I can really think something through. Besides, my husband isn't with me so he doesn't judge my luggage." and "When I'm on a trip I feel like I do better. So when I'm away with the show on a trip, I'm like, 'OK, these are the events', so I do my best. Plus, I'm not concerned with how much luggage I According to Kyle, there are two icons she admires: Jennifer Lopez, since she has a very classic and simple style, as well as Jennifer Aniston, with a more classic and simple style. They are totally opposites, but I love both of them.

According to Kyle, who is the best dressed royal? “I mean, I have to go with Diana. Sure, Kate Middleton dresses beautifully, but Diana had so many iconic moments that I just had to mention her,” he said. My childhood memories of her outfits are so vivid. I remember living in London for a while while I was acting in a movie, and I believe she and Charles were dating at the time. I loved her 'revenge dress' and her cycling shorts with socks, as well as her dress that blew up at the sports day." A favorite beauty product of the mother of four is the L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara. I love it because of its curved wand. Waterproof mascara is bad for your lashes, and you can't get it off. That's the one I recommend, because it's buildable. What I've learned is, cheaper mascara is the best. That's not the case with foundation, but definitely with mascara."

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