Regal Romance Sparks: Red, White & Royal Blue

Regal Romance Sparks: Red, White & Royal Blue

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Red, White and Royal blue movie is a description of love as a passionate bond that connects couples to only wanting the best for each other. It is light on humor, an enemies-to-lovers romance that just says the right things, It’s a love that’s so hard to boot. 

Success Adaptation of Casey McQuiston Novel

The movie is based on the popular young novel by Casey McQuiston.Casey McQuiston's novel adaptation was so eagerly anticipated that every video shared amid its official release date sparked a lot of reactions on social media. 

The 2023 film which is directed by  Matthew Lopez and Ted Malawer who helped in co-writing the script is a tale of romance between the first son of the president of the United States and the British Prince. 

Mathew Lopez the Tony winning director makes his directorial debut with the prime video movie. The movie stars Taylor Zakhar Perez and Nicholas Galitzine starring as Alex Claremont-Diaz and Prince Henry respectively. Alex and Henry both bear a collective dislike for each other. This dislike does not help when they find themselves in a public incident involving cakes.

This comical incident serves as a catalyst to their love story and self discovery. As such the duo is forced by their influential parents to pretend that they care about each other in order to maintain public appearances. 

Despite the scorn they once held, the two form unexpected deeper relationships with one another, but they must keep it a secret to maintain their families reputation.

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Comparing the Similarities - Characters Perfect Fit into the Role

The  LGBTQ+ romance movie is similar to the original book and ahead of the release date on Prime video, Mathew Lopez spoke with about the adaptation. He said, "I think there are certain things in that book that, as the director of the movie, if I hadn't put it in the film I would never be allowed to direct a movie again.”

Mathew says that finding the best characters to take leads in the roles of Alex and Henry was a hard nut to crack. He also revealed that he wanted to bring characters who matched the attributes of the characters in the book, he met many but decided to settle on Taylor Zakhar Perez who featured in Kissing Booth 2 and Nicholas Galitzine who featured on Purple Hearts as the lead characters for both Alex Claremont-Diaz and Prince Henry respectively. Joining them on the film were Uma Thurman and Stephen Fry, who play U.S. President Ellen Claremont and the King, respectively. 

Among other notable stars in the film are Sarah Shahi who featured in sex life playing Zahra Bankston,President Claremont’s deputy chief of staff. Rachel Hilson who featured in Madam Secretary and  Love, Victor plays Nora Holleran, the granddaughter of the vice president and Alex’s good friend.Ellie Bamber, who starred in the Disney+ series willow plays Princess Beatrice, Henry’s sister.

Unfolding the Chemistry 

(Unfolding the Chemistry Image Credits: People)

The enemies-to-lovers movie opens up with Alex and Nora attending Prince Philip’s. However, what should be a happy event unfortunately turns into tabloids. Alex and Henry hold a scorn for each other, and this results in intoxicated Henry  taunting Alex, and the drama escalates rapidly than expected leading to a destruction of the wedding cake. This incident puts a lot of tension between the two countries, hence a damage control meant that Alex and Henry pretend to be good friends for the sake of their countries. 

The relationship of Henry and Alex is just like any other relationship, but theirs started out as forced public appearances, texting on phones and eventually meeting at New year’s eve. And the New year’s eve, is the moment their story changed to romance, bringing the movie much rom-com till the very end. 

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The Movie Depicts a Clear Picture of the LGBTQ+ community

The two characters represent most of the things the LGBTQ+ community goes through. The reality of coming clean about the relationship or having to explain how people of the same gender came to fall in love. And for this reason, this movie has become a top romantic comedy film to fans due to its LGBTQ+ representation significance.

Yes. It’s Worth Watching

This film is the best rom-com movie to be made, however, the movie might not come as a much awaited film for everyone due to its Character dynamics and chemistry representation. However, the movie brings out the themes of Love, identity, and acceptance in the current world where LGBTQ+ is still a norm to be taken in. And if you have not read the book yet, you will find it more interesting. It not only brings out an emotional core but also a mirror to reflect our love stories. If you are looking for a romantic movie, full of “ all the details' ' then this is definitely your go to next. 

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