Recap of the GH episode of December 19: Is Carly on the rise?

Recap of the GH episode of December 19: Is Carly on the rise?

Updated on December 20, 2022 13:23 PM by Michael Davis

Drew Cain realized his new friend Denise McKenzie was a lying liar in the GH recap for Monday, December 19, 2022, but did not yet know his girlfriend ran this Willow Tait operation. During the meeting, Drew explained Denise's story and how it matched Harmony's story just a little too perfectly about a woman named Joan living in a commune with Alexis. According to Drew, there was no record of Joan, much less a pregnant woman, living in a commune there that year.

Joss gets comfort from Carly; Sonny gives her a gift

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  • The night before, as Carly was lying and bribing, Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) grieved for the cop she was dating, but she found time to comfort her after her ordeal.
  • The enigma of Joss' attraction to Dex Heller weighed heavily on her mind (Evan Hofer), and the conversation turned to Dex Heller (Evan Hofer), (Maurice Benard).
  • It was a stunning moment when Carly said that if she told her daughter not to date a mobster, she would be a hypocrite.
  • After Sonny got there and announced that Dex would now be Josslyn's bodyguard, everyone didn't mind. As soon as Carly left, Joss broke down in Dex's arms.

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The two form a plan, and Chase fires the BLQ

  • The two women were shocked to find Ava surrounded by broken glass at her gallery. They were concerned when Ava did not return home the night before to Nina's apartment.
  • When Nina was alone with Ava, she discovered Nikolas's alleged affair with Elizabeth Webber and the new baby.
  • As Elizabeth was experiencing a crisis of conscience at the GH chapel, Nikolas tracked her down. To his credit, he admitted he was trying emotional blackmail.
  • She wanted to escape this mess by going to the police, but Nikolas emotionally blackmailed her to keep his secret.
  • Their lie about her carrying his child was too deep now for Elizabeth, so they had to keep it going. This was just a sacrifice she would have to make, so the pair formulated a new plan.
    Unfortunately, they did this during a commercial break, so we need to know exactly the plan. Elizabeth was surprised when Ava walked in after Nikolas left to carry out this plan.

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