Rebecca Parrott's cosmetic procedure left 90-Day Fiancé fans in disbelief

Rebecca Parrott's cosmetic procedure left 90-Day Fiancé fans in disbelief

Updated on December 09, 2022 15:09 PM by Laura Mendes

Former 90-Day Fiancé star Rebecca Parrott made over at 50, changed her facial features, and looks unrecognizable by reducing 34 pounds in 38 weeks through liposuction.

Romance sparked controversy

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The romance between Rebecca Parrott and Zied sparked controversy due to the large age gap between the pair, and Zied is fourth husband of Rebecca. 

When Zied pressured Rebecca to marry far earlier than their scheduled wedding date, this raised concerns about him. Friends and family of Rebecca believed that Zied would also break up with her very soon.

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Rebecca discarded photo filters

Rebecca was previously called "Filter queen" due to her obsession with using filters to make her face flawless and smooth textured skin on apps. When Rebecca and Zied were in a long-distance relationship, she heavily used filters during video calls and while sharing pictures with her boyfriend.

But now her filter obsession has completely vanished, and she loves flaunting her naturally slimmed face after her weight loss program.

Rebecca embraced sharp features

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The 51-year-old Rebecca looks half her age now, transformed from plumpy to a fresh, charming appearance, and she looks unrecognizable now. 

Rebecca's future with Zied was distorted in 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days as she was worried about her pale face, double chin, and tired, drooping eyes. 

But her new look clearly shows a tight, wrinkle-free face with elevated eyes and an angular jawline. Rebecca has used Dysport to smooth out the wrinkles on her forehead, but she's also experimenting with a new cosmetic look by getting fillers for a larger pout after having nude-colored lips.

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Rebecca adores natural glowing skin

Rebecca has got a shine to her face that may be due to her good health or the fact that she has been blissfully married to her soul mate since 2020. Zied and Rebecca witnessed their own ups and downs owing to his wishing to travel back to Tunisia, but the pair is presently back in America.

Zied on a weight loss quest

As a result of Rebecca's inspiration, Zied has started on his weight loss quest. Although she was always stunning, Rebecca frequently had a troubled expression on her face. She was constantly worried about her marriage to Zied, fearing ending up in divorce, just like her other three marriages.

However, despite the age difference, trust concerns, and cultural differences, this 90 Day Fiancé couple has overcome all challenges. Rebecca experiences inner calm and a radiance that never fades.

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