Rachel Hargrove of Below Deck won't return to the program

Rachel Hargrove of Below Deck won't return to the program

Updated on July 30, 2022 11:36 AM by Ella Bina

A falling out would lead Rachel to leave the program

After meeting Austen Kroll of Southern Charm in Florida, Below Deck chef Rachel Hargrove referred to him as a "narcissistic tot." As a result of their falling out, the skilled chef has decided to end her program.

On Tuesday, July 26, Rachel tweeted a story from Bravo's website titled "Austen Kroll Explains Why That 'Big Meeting' Changed Everything for Trop Hop," about the Charleston, South Carolina, brewer. "Cheers to the most parasitic [sic] tweet on @BravoTV," she wrote over it. It was when the drama started.

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Rachel's rage gushed

Rachel responded to questions from followers about where her rage was coming from by writing, "I'm at home... and have time."

One supporter suggested that she may get along with Madison LeCroy, Jane Austen's ex-costar. "I haven't met her. But I did encounter the awful circumstance of being in his vicinity," Rachel replied on Twitter.

The reality star then explained her remark in her Instagram Stories the day after it was posted. As to why the program was going to end, she presented an explanation.

"He was in Fort Lauderdale and Tampa, where I live, and we met up," but what was genuinely beneficial was that I got to know his brewing staff, she said in her Instagram Stories.

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Rachel is not a party freak

He didn't like that I don't go out to parties and wasn't acting like an idiot all the time.

The guy is a moron. She said, "even when cheap and he dumped my stuff on the floor at upfronts while waiting to go perform dress rehearsal."

Later on July 27, Rachel posted on Twitter again with the message, "I will no longer be associated with groups I don't believe in," along with the hashtags for Below Deck, which sparked rumors that she would be leaving the program.

Done with Bravo and Below Desk

 She also wrote, "I am done with Bravo and Below Deck," to the caption of an Instagram image. At the same time, she announced the end of the program.

The end announcement of the program made fans sad. One person asked, "Please don't end Below Deck! One person said, "Nooooooooo, you're my favorite chef on there," while another said, "You're the best chef to be on that Below Deck."

When Captain Lee Rosbach and his crew sailed around Antigua in season 8 of Below Deck, the fiery redhead made his first appearance as the program will end soon.

A queen of parties

She was a magician in the gallery, but on her days off, she liked to party hard, which caused conflict with the other cast members. She now announced the end of the show.

In season 9 of Below Deck, Rachel was a different person who had given up drinking and tried to stay out of trouble. She saved her passionate nature for the meals she prepared, which consistently astounded charter guests.

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