Pokemon: Journey of Dreams trailer got released in China

Pokemon: Journey of Dreams trailer got released in China

Updated on March 02, 2023 12:31 PM by Andrew Koschiev

In preparation for Pokemon Day on February 27, a series of events are scheduled for fans, mostly centred around Pokemon Day. Pokémon: Journey of Dreams, a popular animated series, has already gained much traction. Recently, a trailer for this upcoming series was released in China, generating enormous fan interest due to its unique art style.

The short clip shows stunning detail

(Image Credits: The Economic Times)

The shaded animation on Journey of Dreams is almost 3D, compared to the 2D style that Pokemon is known for. Several iconic Pokemon, like Lapras and Latias, are showcased in stunning detail in the short clip. As far as Pokemon knows, Journey of Dreams is exclusive to China. Currently, there are no plans to release it outside of China.

There has yet to be an announcement by Pokemon of plans to dub Journey of Dreams, so it is unclear whether global audiences will be able to watch it in the future. On the other hand, Pokemon Day fans eagerly anticipate the event currently scheduled for February 27. In addition to Pokemon Sleep and Journey of Dreams, Pokemon Day promises to provide some exciting updates.

A packed week of events awaits

In the past, there have been numerous rumours about Pokemon updates. Many Pokemon fans are eagerly anticipating news of Ash Ketchum's departure from the series, as well as Pokemon's plans for the series' future. The week is set to be packed with events, and fans are eagerly anticipating what lies ahead.

It seems that Pokemon has been capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide for years, and the already positive response to Journey of Dreams shows that it will continue to be a beloved franchise for many years.

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