Olivia Newton-John 'truly battled' had a troubled week before her final goodbye

Olivia Newton-John 'truly battled' had a troubled week before her final goodbye

Updated on August 11, 2022 12:27 PM by Anna P

Oliva passed away from breast cancer on Monday

In a statement posted to Newton-Facebook John's page, her widower John Easterling confirmed her passing away: "Dame Olivia Newton-John died away peacefully at her Ranch in Southern California this morning, surrounded by family and friends."

According to Goldsmith in an interview in A Current Affair, her aunt's death was not unexpected, and the family "knew how sick she's been,", especially in the week before.

Before the disease was remission, Newton diagnosed John with breast cancer in 1992 when she was 43. In 2017, she disclosed that stage IV breast cancer had returned and spread to her lower back. In 2013, she was also given a second cancer diagnosis.

Goldsmith told Tracy Grimshaw, host of A Current Affair

"It wasn't just the cancer that got her; it was additional issues, being in a hospital and with a very sensitive immune system. She acquired secondary infections."

Newton-John previously discussed using cannabis to manage the pain she felt as a result of cancer, telling her in 2019 that it "helped enormously with pain maintenance and sleep."

Grimshaw was informed by Goldsmith that her aunt "truly fought with a lot of agony" before passing away and that the medication "wasn't enough" during her last few days.

She was very frail and thin when Goldsmith asked her if she was afraid of dying. She replied, "I'm not afraid. I've accomplished more in my life than I ever dreamed possible.

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Olivia opened her heart

'Told her all the things I needed to say' during a FaceTime call two days before Newton-passing, John's, although she could not come to the US to be with her aunt.

An upset Goldsmith continued, "She was leaving us, but I feel like she got it." Chloe Lattanzi, Newton-daughter John's, has had it "very tough," but Goldsmith said she has "been fantastic" despite it.

Lattanzi sent a touching video memorial to her mother on Instagram

 A behind-the-scenes video of the mother-daughter duo performing their duet "Window in the Wall" was featured in the blog article.

"You are my lighthouse mama," it stated. My secure location My inner space Being your kid and best friend has been and will always be an honor for me.

"You are an angel on earth and have blessed everyone you have touched. My life's source, my mentor, and my mother, I will always love you.

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