Not Having Kids Does Not Make Heather Graham Feel Missed Out

Not Having Kids Does Not Make Heather Graham Feel Missed Out

Updated on April 08, 2023 16:18 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Despite not having kids, Hollywood beauty Heather Graham is living her best childless life! She spoke on April 7 about how she doesn't regret not having children while promoting her new film, On a Wing and a Prayer. As for missing anything, she said, "I don't feel it.". I have become more involved in producing, writing, and directing. I sometimes feel like my projects are like little kids."

Involved More In The Production Process

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According to her, if she had opted to have children when she was younger, it might have been "cool," but she did not. Heather said that each of us has a different path. They say, "You have to embrace your path." Having kids, if I had them, would have been cool. But at the moment, not having children, I feel free. And I sleep a lot. I think that's amazing."

Moreover, Heather stated that people who declare themselves childless are often looked down on. According to her, women are not allowed to say 'I don't want children' since it is taken as an indication that something is wrong with them. My answer as a man is "Yeah, that's awesome.". You didn't want children; you know that."

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Putting The Camera To Work

The universe is providing women with someone or something to nurture if they choose not to have children. Heather believes that the universe will provide them with their own choice. She works behind the camera as a producer, writer, and director.

Besides her new movie, On a Wing and a Prayer, which stars Dennis Quaid, 68, Heather's candid interview about kids comes after the release date of her new film. Doug White, a pilot who died mid-flight, successfully landed a plane after saving his wife and two daughters. The movie is based on the true story of Doug White.

The Movie's Trailer Has Been Posted

The 53-year-old posted the trailer for the movie on Instagram on April 7 with a clever caption about his wife, Terrie White. Dennis plays Doug, and Heather is his wife. A clip from the film On a Wing and a Prayer is available on Prime Video starting today. 

In March, Heather attended the premiere of Extrapolations, a film on Amazon Prime. She captioned the carousel of photos of her sparkly silver gown with "Wonded to be a part of this incredible cast at the premiere of Extrapolations last night."

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