Noah Thompson on 'American Idol': I thought it made me seem boring

Noah Thompson on 'American Idol': I thought it made me seem boring

Updated on July 29, 2022 21:29 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Fans have not seen all sides of Noah's personality in the show, Noah replied. "I don't think they showed all of it." People enjoy being around me. My character is good. “I like to have fun.” However, he wouldn't admit that he tells dad jokes, saying, “I'm not a dad yet.” He added that he's “not boring as I appeared on the show.” Noah has a son named Walker, who is 14 months old. Currently, he's been going back and forth from Nashville to Kentucky to be with his son and family. 

His family plays his single "One Day Tonight" to Walker while he's gone, and Walker recognizes it as his father. In an appearance on the show, he performed Rihanna's "Stay." The singer will release a cover of the song on Friday. Meanwhile, he teased that he had been working in the studio on new music. The singer didn't say much else about what fans can expect other than "good songs." The new interview mentions Noah's son Walker, but not Angel Dixon, Walker's mother. There has been speculation that the couple may have split up recently.

According to Heavy, Noah removed photos of Angel from his Instagram after the couple unfollowed each other on social media. Noah was not included in Angel's recent album of pictures with Walker on Facebook. Several comments on the post suggested that the couple was having trouble in their relationship. According to heavy reports, one individual commented, "No respect for you whatsoever.". At present, he isn't my idol. Another reportedly stated, "there will come a day when he will be sorry." All of these comments, however, seem to have been removed.

Music Mayhem Magazine reported earlier this month that Noah and Angel initially struggled to adjust post-Idol. There is no doubt that things are changing for the better, and that is something we both agree on. As long as everything is moving forward positively, that's what matters and that's what matters most." There is also a rumor circulating that Noah and HunterGirl are in love, along with the breakup rumors. The rumors of another Idol couple have been denied by both singers, even though we would love to see more Idol couples.


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