Never-Before-Seen Photos Of Jeremy Renner's Bloody Snowplow Accident

Never-Before-Seen Photos Of Jeremy Renner's Bloody Snowplow Accident

Updated on April 08, 2023 15:13 PM by Andrew Koschiev

As two good samaritans, Rich Kovach and Barb Fletcher, rushed over to help the actor bleeding into the snow in January, Jeremy Renner shared photos from the scene. As Rich, one of his neighbors in Reno, Nevada, told Diane Sawyer, "It was blood — much blood — and he was just in so much pain, and the sounds were just devastating," Jeremy's neighbor said in his first interview on camera.

Continually Worked From Home

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He revealed that he contacted Barb for assistance when he found so much blood in the snow and then saw how his head cracked wide open, revealing that was when he called. As she applied "pressure" to his head, she observed that he was having difficulty breathing.

As he risked his life to save his nephew, Jeremy was crushed by a snow plow on Jan. 1, breaking over 30 bones. Hawkeye stars did not have a sit-down interview outside of the short posts he has made on social media about his progress and recovery after undergoing surgery and months of physical therapy. A few weeks after his release from the hospital, Jeremy continued to work at home.

Regrets Were Not In His Mind

Also, during the interview, Diane and viewers were given a detailed account of what went through his mind as he lay in the snow in agony. Is that what my existence is now? Does my existence consist of a spinal cord and brain? Is that what my existence will be like? He asked.

Despite the accident, he shared that he did not have regrets about it because he was able to save his nephew – who also appears in the special – while doing so. In a clip, he said to a shocked Diane Sawyer, "I'd do it again because it goes right up to my nephew."


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