Moments worth remembering from America’s Got Talent

Moments worth remembering from America’s Got Talent

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America’s Got Talent is one reality TV show that has been entertaining its audience since years that has passed by but still it has remained as a staple in almost every house. During its years on television, America’s Got Talent has witnessed some incredible performances, whether that be of a magician or Opera Singer. Some of them, even years later, are still living in the audience’s mind rent-free.

The audience of the show has seen thousands of auditions for the show and the different background stories from each contestant. Some of the performances from the auditions have brought a lot of laughter, and even sometimes tears in the eyes of the audience.

A show full of surprises 

America’s Got Talent is full of surprises and you never know what comes next when the show goes on air with uts versatile number of auditions and contestants. The first performance that we will be talking about which is unforgettable is by Pasha and Ailona. During their magic trick in season 16 of America’s Got Talent , the Russian-Ukrainian duo impressed the four judges.

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Pasha and Ailona 

In a never-seen-before kind of performance, Pasha was actually supposed to audition with his wife Ailona.But unfortunately, the Russian dancer was left solo on the day of their AGT audition after she missed her flight.Pasha departed the stage after explaining his predicament to the four judges and cracking jokes in between. He gave the impression that "the final show must go on." Not until a pair of dolls that resembled robots entered the stage after being wheeled out.


During the entire performance, the audience slong with judges which includes Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, Simon Cowell, all of them were left in absolute shock as they were trying to comprehend the bizarre performance. Nonetheless, everyone seemed to have enjoyed it until the big reveal at the end: Pasha was underneath the costume.Though Pasha and Ailona were sent to the deliberations after their performance, the judges didn’t select them to advance to the quarterfinals and were then eliminated.

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The Korean Soul 

With a dream of becoming pop stars someday and an opportunity to show their talent in the United States, they brought this group called Korean Soul from South Korea, and it surprised everyone with their synchronising harmony. The quartet Korean gospel choir gave chills.

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All my love 

The quartet of Korean Soul which includes Sooyong, Shyun, Jihwan, and Young, auditioned in front of the judges singing “All my Love '' by K-Ci and Jojo. And the judges' faces and reactions told everything about the mesmerizing performance. After being approved of by Howie, Heidi, Sofia, and Simon, their undeniable and talented voices took the quartet to the semifinals.

Unfortunately, after the votes from America had saved them to progress to the semifinals, it wasn’t the same case for them to get into the final of season 16. The vocal group ended up being eliminated but left with a standing ovation from the audience.


Next up contestant which is worth remembering from the sets of America’s Got Talent is Victory Brinker. The contestant even got her Golden Buzzer on the show for her performance. The nine year old girl, won the hearts of the judges and the public with her voice. Victory Brinker, who is an Opera singer, sang ‘Juliet’s Waltz’ from the Opera Roméo et Juliette. Her performance in return gave her the Golden Buzzer from the judges Howie, Simon, Heidi and Sofia. 

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Sent straight

Victory Brinker was sent straight to the quarterfinals and her sweet image and great voice at such a young age received applause from the judges and the audience in each of her performances.Though Victory made it to the finals, the Opera singer didn’t receive enough votes to enter America’s Got Talent’s Top 5, which saw her eliminated from the 16th season. Nonetheless, she finished in the bottom 5 of the top 10, which was a milestone for Victory as she is now the third youngest female Opera singer to do so.

She also became the first and youngest contestant to win a collective Golden Buzzer from the judges and the host in AGT history.

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Léa Kyle

Léa Kyle on the sets of America’s Got Talent mesmerized and left everyone shocked with magic tricks. She is also the girlfriend of former season 15 contestant,Floria Sainvet, but the magician also  proved that she also does have magic in her.Lea’s outstanding audition consisted of a performance of a quick-change magic act while Katy Perry’s "Swish Swish " and "Part of Me" played along during her audition. Léa used her own self-designed outfits. 

Taken aback 

They were entirely taken over by Léa's performances, and they were astounded and perplexed by the idea that she could change into so many different garments in the space of a single second. The French magician, who was 25 years old, was the second act to get a Golden Buzzer from Heidi Klum.Her quick moves and dozens of outfit changes as well as competing alongside Victory Brinker, who was also given a Golden Buzzer all received the standing ovations of the four judges, who still weren’t able to comprehend her magic.


Here is the last contestant that we will be talking about in terms of worth remembering performances. Bonavega, whose actual name is Brandon Wilbarger, auditioned for America’s Got Talent in season 15. The aspiring performer shocked the four judges with his fantastic audition , but not for the flame eyeshadow look, or his sparkling ballerina outfit.

Singing his heart out and jumping on top of Howie, Heidi, Sofia, and Simon’s table playing the electric guitar won them over.

He also received a standing ovation, Brandon’s eccentric performance took him all the way to the quarterfinals. Throughout his journey in AGT, the singer sang original songs, as well as covers of the most popular hits but with a BONEVEGA twist.

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