Millennials don't care about boobs and It's not true that Hooters is halting or rebranding

Millennials don't care about boobs and It's not true that Hooters is halting or rebranding

Updated on December 30, 2022 18:33 PM by Andrew Koschiev

He does not care about boobs. This week, a viral tweet falsely claimed that millennials are no longer interested in boobs, which led to Hooters closures. According to the report, a millennial study suggests that millennials are not into boobs, so Hooters will close and 'rebrand' as a result." More than 33 million people have viewed the tweet, 74,000 have liked it, and 21,000 have retweeted it and quoted it. A Complex article from 2017 cited PornHub data as supporting the "new study," which found that millennials were 19 percent less likely than older users to search for breasts.

Stephen Brown's explanation of the company

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The sexy stats were taken and run with, according to the source, explaining Hooters' update to its aesthetics and its 2012 spin-off restaurant Hoots as desperate attempts to attract millennials. Additionally, the article assumes that select locations were shuttered between 2012 and 2016 because of changing consumer tastes. An edgy restaurant chain known for its cleavage-baring tees and '80s-inspired orange sports shorts has denied the rumors. As a spokesperson for the company, Stephen Brown said that the far-fetched claims lack validity but added that the iconic restaurant, with its busy servers, would remain.

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A response to the comments

In a tweet Wednesday, a chain Twitter account referred to the Complex report as the fakest news ever published, followed by an eye-rolling emoji. Having been reassured that Hooters would remain open, concerned fans expressed relief. A user responded, "THANK GOD." The Hootie account responded, "that's beautiful," to the comment, "boobs are universal." One commenter wrote, "Millennials don't like boobs, but I do." According to Sloan Miavitz, Hooters' girl is 100% still into boobs despite a new study showing millennials are not interested in them anymore.

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