Leonard Bernstein's Israeli love story

Leonard Bernstein's Israeli love story

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Leonard Bernstein's Israeli love story

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Regarding Leonard Bernstein’s artificial nose by now there is a controversy spreading, and it will never end until the airing of the movie  of Maestro in November

While living as a gay man he had a very complicated  life and even faced many hurdles throughout his life  . He was admired because of his marriage with children, and this story has been revealed . 

The first love of Bernstein was a beautiful soldier who was performing her responsibilities in the country; she was his very  first love of him. The clash about Israeli noses was going on. In 1948, he then came upon Israel, and Azaria was set as his guide when the combat for Independence was in a freak. He came in the month of November.

At that time, he was from Ukraine, and Rapoport’s was from Tel Aviv, and they both had fathers who wandered too. In 1919,  in Palestine, their fathers and their families arrived . In the year 1942, Azaria was changed into an army of British. When he was permitted to leave from there, he studied journalism, and during his studies, he began writing for a newspaper named “Harretz”.

Leonard Bernstein's Israeli love story

(Leonard Bernstein's Israeli love story/ImageCredits:Jewish News)

At the end of the year 1948, during all this time, they did not even connect for a single time. On the other side, he was very much in combat with Jews when he was staying and paying a visit there in 1947, When he came here, he wrote a letter to a director whose name was, Koussevitzky, he said, “The people here are very powerful; they will not grant their land to anyone easily, and before the country is handed over to someone, instead of making a decision to hand over, the people will decide to take their lives first. The country is so attractive that I can't express it in words while writing down the letter he was praising with good comments mentioning  the beauty of that country and adding further to the paper.

For the first time Leonard and Azarie met in the country, and they were connected from that time on. The overwhelming presence of so many people at that location of Lenard when he was presenting with the Israelis was not expected, but to present in front of all these people was very crucial. The conditions were so poor that people were extremely wounded and got hospitalized through ambulances from the location because the place was so packed that people were on top of each other,making it hard to stand for everyone for a lengthy time.

Leonard Bernstein's Israeli love story

(Leonard Bernstein's Israeli love story/ImageCredits:World Nation News)

He got married to an actress whose name was Felicia after living 3 years in Palestine, in the last few years. After and along with his marriage, he worked on a West Side Story with four men Arthur, Stephen and Jerome, who were gay and Jewish and they were working on that story together. He then abandoned his wife just because he wanted to live with his gay love and went to live with Tom, but, he came back and was with her first love after he get to know the news that his wife had been examined for Lung cancer.

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