Lauren London Discusses Her Reality Three Years After Nipsey Hussle's Death

Lauren London Discusses Her Reality Three Years After Nipsey Hussle's Death

Updated on July 15, 2022 17:27 PM by Anna P

Lauren London recently appeared on Angie Martinez's IRL Podcast and shared wisdom about her internal healing process.Lauren London exuded honesty and openness and provided several quotable insights that the public praised.Lauren opened up about how she thought she had done a lot of internal work with reading and learning, but experiencing loss took her to another realm of hurt and healing. "Being at the front row of a funeral will change your entire perspective," she said. She talked about "death etiquette" and how simply being present with someone grieving is the most crucial thing.

"This can't be mended; it's not your duty to fix it." She explained that while she sometimes values true love and craves compassion, there are other times when she doesn't relish the uncomfortable sensation of being pitied. As she understood that going to greater depths of hurt might lead you to places you'd never expect. She discussed lessons she acquired from therapy, including eating routines she used to manage her sadness and how various meals either helped or hurt her mood.He cherished seeing others perform at a high level, including Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London."Hussle was my Superman; I believed he would live forever.

"I do not want to miss my mark; all I want to accomplish is whatever God wants for me to perform in the most genuine way," she concluded. I was going from wanting recognition like an Oscar to wanting to live out her mission and bring serenity to others. She now preferred working behind the scenes and avoiding the spotlight. Her speaking with purity, honesty, and integrity—qualities shared by all of the Nipsey Hussle elk—stood out the most. She spoke with grace, sincere aim, and love, which is why social media is raving about this interview.

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