Jason Aldean, Carrie Underwood, and More at the CMA Fest Backstage

Jason Aldean, Carrie Underwood, and More at the CMA Fest Backstage

Updated on August 04, 2022 16:41 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Bentley and Elle are the cohosts for CMA Fest

Dierks Bentley and Elle King, who are close friends and frequent musical collaborators, will cohost the three-hour event on Wednesday, August 3, on ABC. "She's become among my closest friends in the community, and she's hilarious.

She is disrespectful but cordial; I like to remark that she is rowdy but cordial "Bentley makes fun. She's just enjoyable to be around, so my role is to be the straight man and control her. The backstage fun is the real one, thou.

The collaboration is worth a shot

With these two, who collaborated on King's most recent single, "Worth a Shot," and Bentley's most recent smash, "Different for Girls," the jabs are all in good fun. Lucky, King's infant son, who will turn one month old in a few days, makes a brief cameo appearance in the latter song's music video.

Off-stage at CMA Fest, there was a lot of parental support, as Aldean revealed about touring with his family. The audience can see what happens on stage its amazon to know the story behind the stage.

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Bentley is a good parent

"Toys and other items are everywhere. I must admit, though, that it's actually quite tidy when they're not on the bus. He quips, "When they're on the road with me, it usually looks like a mess.

Aldean and his wife Brittany have two young children: son Memphis, age 4, and daughter Navy, age 3. He is also the father of two elder girls from a previous relationship, Keeley, 19, and Kendall, 15. A family behind the scenes that keeps them going.

Family support backstage is unacknowledged

The "Amarillo Sky" vocalist claims their family has a system for managing his tour schedule. They get a little tired riding the bus, so we try to take them out once a month for a weekend. I'll go out alone one week; the next week, it's just me. With sons, Isaiah, 7, and Jacob, 3, Underwood, Aldean's "If I Didn't Love You" collaborator, may have a burgeoning business on her hands.

The backstage life is more interesting for Underwoods apart from his great collabs. Underwood's story behind the scenes is something like this. We will pay my son for his labor because he has been doing chores around our property to earn money. He offers to do things like pull weeds in my garden and has sizable savings.

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Thomas Rhett's expanding girl gang seemed to enjoy the limelight

The 32-year-old is a father to four daughters: Lillie Carolina, eight months; Willa Gray, six; Ada James, four; Lennon Love, two. The backstage story of Thomas is less known. They seem to be at the stage of life where everything interests them, "Says Thomas Rhett.

"Lennon practices gymnastics, Willa Gray plays soccer, and they both take riding lessons, but whenever I go down to my studio to produce or record music, they always come with me. Therefore, I am aware of some interest in [music].

The kids are constantly vying for the microphone. They like to get in front of the camera when I'm filming, he continues, joking, "so they have my 'Center of Attention-ness'.

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