Is Sharon & Nick's reunion in jeopardy? Is joining Newman a big mistake for Sharon and Nick?

Is Sharon & Nick's reunion in jeopardy? Is joining Newman a big mistake for Sharon and Nick?

Updated on July 13, 2022 17:44 PM by Anthony Christian

Sharon, who had spoken to Nick about returning to Newman, was surprised when he decided to do so. Many fans of Y&R from all over the world were also surprised. Sharon had previously acted as if it would be better for Nick if he avoided the family drama, but she later realized that Nick was capable of handling it. Because Nick is older and wiser now than he was a few years ago, Sharon feels that he can change the company rather than let it change him. If Sharon turned out to be right, then the story wouldn't be much of a story, would it? Newman Enterprises may seem like the perfect place for Nick at first, but that does not mean that the situation will remain positive for the rest of his life.

Nick has always found that working at Newman brings out the worst in him sooner or later. Why should it be any different this time around? It may turn out that Sharon's opinion that Nick is mature enough to handle this may be proven incorrect at some point in the future. Nick will likely change after rejoining Newman since he will be contending with constant family chaos and may find himself used by Victor as a pawn. Sharon may rethink her guidance now that Nick is on the verge of major trouble. As Nick's storyline heats up, he may not recognize the problems developing.

It appears that Sharon and Nick are poised for a romantic reunion when the right time comes. However, this Newman comeback could potentially lead to issues that could threaten that reunion. The COO role will bring all of Newman's mayhem, but will Nick become a different person as a result? If Nick simply succeeds in this new opportunity, there's no story to tell, so the show may be building up Nick's confidence just to set him up for a huge fall later on. Keep an eye out for Sharon's decision regarding whether Nick belongs at Newman Enterprises, as she may change her vote when the time comes. The Young and the Restless spoilers say that Nick's return to Newman Enterprises could be a catalyst for some surprises and shake-ups in the show.

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