Is Mack and Rita on Netflix?

Is Mack and Rita on Netflix?

Updated on November 18, 2022 11:56 AM by Andrew Koschiev

The American Comedy Film Mack & Rita, directed by Katie Aselton made a screenplay by Madeline Walter and Paul Welsh directed by Katie Aselton and produced by Alex Saks, Diane Keaton, Stephanie Heaton-Harris, Jina Panebianco, and Dori Rath. The story moves around the lead character going through a past life regression and how she proceeds with it. 

Mack & Rita Storyline

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When 30-year-old Mack Martin unwillingly agrees to go on her best friend Carla's bachelorette vacation to Palm Springs, California, her inner 70-year-old practically emerges. The irritated author and influencer appear as her aunt Rita from the future. Rita blossoms once liberated from the restrictions of other people's expectations. She becomes an unusual social media phenomenon and starts a discreet affair with Jack, Mack's cute dog walker.

Release Date:  12 August 2022

Budget:  Mack & Rita was made with a budget of $500,000 and made a box office hit by earning $2.6 million


IMDb:   4.6/10

Rotten Tomatoes:  2.6/10

Common Sense Media:  6/10

Run Time:  95 minutes

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Mack & Rita Cast

Diane Keaton as Older Mackenzie 

Elizabeth Lail as Mackenzie  

• Taylour Paige as Carla

Ayla Rae Nael as Young Carla

• Dustin Milligan as Jack

Simon Rex as Luca

• Loretta Devine as Sharon

• Wendie Malick as Angela

• Lois Smith as Betty

• Amy Hill as Carol

• Martin Short as the voice of Cheese

Nicole Byer as Urth

• Patti Harrison as Stephanie

• Aimee Carrero as Sunita

• Addie Weyrich as Ali

• Catherine Carlen as Grammie Martin

• Sara Amini as Michelle

Critics Reviews

The movie received mixed reviews; some were delighted with her magical power. Still, others didn't love the dialogue delivery and emphasized the movie could have been better. The movie has big flaws, but despite its negative critics, it made audiences laugh and had a great 95 minutes.

Is Mack & Rita available on Netflix?

Well, hear me out, readers; Mack & Rita is unavailable on Netflix. Though it offers other movies from the same comedy genre, Mack & Rita is not available on the media platforms.

Other platforms Mack & Rita available:

This movie is not available on other online streaming platforms that, include,

  • Hulu,
  • Amazon Prime
  • HBO Max

The movie was screened only in theatres, and the movie is nowhere available on any online streaming platform.

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