In An Interview, David Mccallum Hinted That He Might Be Nearing The End Of His Tenure At N.c.i.s

In An Interview, David Mccallum Hinted That He Might Be Nearing The End Of His Tenure At N.c.i.s

Updated on December 13, 2022 14:39 PM by Michael Davis

After appearing in The Man From U.N.C.L.E., David McCallum appeared in numerous films and shows. The original "N.C.I.S." crew has always had McCallum, even though it has spun off into several different iterations, from Hawaii to New Orleans. McCallum is now known to a whole new generation as "N.C.I.S." "N.C.I.S." introduced McCallum to a whole new generation in 2003 by portraying Dr. Donald Mallard, the chief medical examiner.  

As it turns out, McCallum played Ducky in two episodes of "J.A.G." and "N.C.I.S." before the show became its franchise. The RadioTimes reported that McCallum's character Ducky has appeared in only two episodes of this season, so he may be ready to say goodbye to the show soon. There is no indication whether these episodes will appear this season or the next. However, Ducky's appearance in Season 20 has yet to meet our expectations.

The show feels different from other shows

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  • The show's cast has undergone many changes over the years, so shooting "N.C.I.S." represents a different experience than it did previously because of David McCallum.
  • McCallum admitted that his travels are harder now that he is 89 and that many of his colleagues from the show have left since he began working with them.

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In close contact with some of the cast members

  • Cote de Pablo, who played Agent Ziva David, was specifically mentioned, as was Mark Harmon, who played Supervisory Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs for nineteen years.
  • In that sense, when I'm there, it's like being in a different show," McCallum explained.
  • Yet, he still has a special bond with some of the actors on the show. The most notable is Brian Dietzgen, who played Jimmy Palmer since 2004.
  • McCallum said that while he has theoretically retired, his wife, the fellow actor Katherine Carpenter, is still taking acting jobs. "Retirement is still in progress," the actor said.

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