I Will Always Champion For Her : Jo Koy Opens Up About Next Chapter With Chelsea Handler

I Will Always Champion For Her : Jo Koy Opens Up About Next Chapter With Chelsea Handler

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Jo Koy Embracing Friendship With Chelsea Handler

Jo Koy is embracing his friendship with ex-girlfriend Chelsea Handler. While attending the carpet for his new movie Easter Sunday, Koy, 51, shared where he and Handler, 47, stand after their breakup last month.

We are great friends, and that's how it will always be, Koy told Entertainment Tonight. I'll always champion for her, and she'll always champion for me, and we're going to win; everyone wins.

The standup comedian added that returning to being friends feels "great." He explained to the outlet that it’s always been that way, so it's the next chapter.

This is not the actor who has spoken about the former couple's renewed friendship. Right after the last break, Koy spoke to TMZ about how they were doing.

Everything's good. We are taking a break, Koy said. We are great friends; we have always been best friends. The love is still loved.

Asked whether the exes are still in touch, Koy said, 'Yeah; however, all love. That is all. He then refrained from revealing he pulled the plug on the relationship, calling it a "private" matter.

Couple Split Announcement By Handler

Koy was asked whether he was ready to jump back into the dating pool. To that, Koy laughed and said he would concentrate on this movie thing right now.

Handler announced the couple's split on Instagram on July 18, sharing a video meant to be posted on their first anniversary.

"She knows many of you were invested in our love and wanted to express how much that meant to both of us. How much it still means. It is with a heart to announce that we have decided together that we should take a path from our relationship right now, the former Chelsea host wrote.

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And how much

she now believes in love for each one of us. This man blew my heart open with love; because of him, my life experience has changed forever.

Handler’s Greatest Gift

She continued to be loved by @jokoy and has been one of the greatest presents of my career. He improved my faith in men, in love, who I am, and I have never been more optimistic for the future."

The best-selling author said Koy blew my creativity open, my lust for working hard, and being on the road again. Handler credited Koy for reminding me who she was and always has been.

This is not final. It is another beginning, and it is a comfort to know that I still loved this man; the path like to say the sun loves the moon, and the moon loves the sun.

YOUR PERSON IS COMING. So, please join us to root for both of us because you ne'er know what life will bring, and let's start by all going to the theater on Aug. 5 to get tickets to Jo's new film Easter Sunday and Filipino PRIDE! Let's go!

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