How To Audition For Netflix without An Agent?

How To Audition For Netflix without An Agent?

Updated on November 17, 2022 10:33 AM by Ella Bina

Unlike most production companies, Netflix is open to working with people they do not know. This means that most production companies that work with Netflix are willing to cast new actors with limited experience or credits. Read this article to learn how to get auditions for Netflix without an agent and specific, actionable steps you can take to get started.

Auditioning for Netflix: How to do it

To be successful at Netflix auditions, you need to keep the following three things in mind:

Netflix welcomes new faces and names: Among Netflix's best features is its willingness to work with people who have never worked before. A production company working with Netflix is likelier to cast actors with limited credits and experience (compared with a production company that works for another major network, such as Fox or HBO).

Netflix does not conduct in-house auditions: In Netflix, casting and shooting their shows are done by outside production companies, so you cannot reach Netflix directly with audition questions. If you have questions about how to get into their shows, please do not email or call their customer service; they cannot assist you.

A great place for actors to work is Netflix: Since Netflix produces almost all its shows through SAG-AFTRA, most actors who work on Netflix are paid well and treated fairly. As a result, you should investigate getting involved with Netflix's productions, as Netflix is a great place to start growing your career!

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Can I audition on Netflix without an agent?

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In the absence of an agent, you may have a limited number of acting roles. You can only get this info from an agent because they know people and have connections with people who run casting calls for big shows on Broadway and off. You can only get this info if you have one. Thus, if you do not have an agent, you will only be able to audition once they become known to the general public. You might also have difficulty getting into open casting calls if you do not have an agent because you might not be a member of Actor's Equity. Auditioning without an agent is still possible, but it will be much more difficult.

Without an agent, how do you get casting calls?

Although you may not have an agent, you may still be able to receive casting calls even if you do not have one. This is since many casting calls, particularly for smaller roles in shows, do not require clients to have a representative. Getting casting calls, and obtaining the roles for which you are auditioning, is still possible without an agent. It might make you wonder why people have an agent when they can do the job themselves. An agent makes the process easier, which is the main reason for having one. The actor's passion for performing should be obvious; if he or she does not have an agent, a lot of administrative work will have to be done. It is perfectly normal for actors to begin their careers independently without an agent.

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Do you know where to find auditions?

The life of an actor takes work. Like finding a job in another industry, finding an audition is largely a matter of whom you know. As soon as you begin auditioning, casting directors will be able to recognize your acting abilities, which will make finding new auditions easier. If they are impressed, they will contact you if they have other castings available. In addition to this, you can also search online for casting calls and network online. You can use social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for casting calls. Lastly, sign up for auditioning websites, such as Actor's Access and Backstage. Finding auditions is all about exploring all possibilities.

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What is the audition rate for agents?

To work professionally, you can expect between 2-3 auditions from your agent weekly. If you are a professional actor, you can anticipate receiving around 2-3 auditions a week. Also, you can expect to have to source some auditions, and you should usually do one weekly. You should not expect to get so many auditions from your agent if you are not a professional actor. Your agent is likely to get you a couple of audition calls from your agent a month if you are just an amateur actor doing part-time. Professional actors should expect their agents to find them 2-3 acting roles per week, depending on the time of year and the number of auditions.

Here are six ways in which you can audition for Netflix without an agent

 Engage in networking at events

In addition to attending film festivals, shows, showcases, industry expos, and other industry events, you can also meet people from the industry. Ask them if they are involved with Netflix shows or if they know anyone who works for Netflix, such as in casting, writing, or producing. You should always prepare a specific list of people you wish to meet (such as Netflix's casting directors, which are provided below this article). As you speak with people, you can ask if anyone on that list knows them.

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 Become a Netflix auditionee with Special Access

In the absence of an agent, full-time working actors usually use this advanced strategy to generate consistent auditions. Getting directly invited to audition for Netflix productions is possible if you are willing to put in some work, even if you do not have a strong resume or reel. In addition to cold-emailing casting directors, if you prefer, you can meet them through classes and social media and provide them with value for a few months. You will have a leg up on other actors auditioning because the casting director already knows you. After all, you had given so much to them before you expected anything in return.

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 An active volunteer

The Netflix casting department often hires readers for auditions, so you can volunteer to read for free, giving you a great opportunity to learn the casting process and impress the casting director. Furthermore, there are various events where you can volunteer to meet new people, including helping Netflix directors on set, assisting at film festivals, and more.

 Check your online resume for up-to-date Special Skills

Many casting directors use actors' Access to find actors with specific skills. Make sure your skills are listed on Netflix auditions if you play the piano, do an accent, or fight. You might be invited to a Netflix audition if a keyword search of your special skills uncovered you.

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 Get on the phone and register with directories

Casting directors often use smaller, independent casting offices to find actors they can contact directly for auditions if you are in a smaller city. When Netflix shoots on-location in small towns, they sometimes use independent casting offices, so keeping in touch with your local casting office may help you land major roles. Get your headshot, resume, and some clips showing off your acting ability by searching for your local casting offices online.

Getting called in for Netflix auditions is as easy as this

Act in at least four independent productions: If you have credits on your resume, getting a Netflix role will always be easier, especially one that is high-level. Over time, you will build up your credits, making casting directors more confident about you if you perform for free in smaller productions.

Put some effort into your marketing materials: You must have a great headshot, a well-formatted resume, and some footage or reel showing your acting skills. Netflix auditions will only let you in if you have these three things. Even though it is not required, you should consider making your website showcase your work and look established.

Identify the kinds of roles best suited to you: You'll find roles you can book if you know your Types and Brand, and you will stand out to casting directors if you know your Types and Brand well. You will also be able to ask casting directors for auditions because they will know how to place you.

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