General Hospital spoilers for August 11: Portia recovers from Coma

General Hospital spoilers for August 11: Portia recovers from Coma

Updated on August 11, 2022 17:18 PM by Michael Davis

General Hospital (GH) spoilers for Thursday, August 11, bother that Austin Gatlin Holt will drop his end of the week with Maxie Jones' children while Portia Robinson's unconsciousness arousing plan hits a tangle thanks to Jordan Ashford.

Victor offers help to Spencer

At the PCPD, Spencer Cassadine will stay torn about whether to flip on the associates who got him out of Spring Ridge. Sonny Corinthos will contemplate whether Spencer truly needs to be the state's symbol of atonement and may emphasize that he wants to utilize each instrument accessible to him. That incorporates Victor Cassadine and the assistance he presented within.

In any case, Spencer will adhere to a choice GH spoilers make him. That could mean Spencer will bite the bullet like he originally intended; however, he'll trust Sonny can offer another kindness to him before he goes.

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The verdict is nearing in Metro court

At the Metro Court, Josslyn Jacks and Trina Robinson will attempt to forget the preliminary for some time. Unfortunately, Trina and Josslyn will not find success since the decision is not far off.

Dex Heller will spring up eventually, so we'll consider him shirtless close to the pool to be well. General Hospital spoilers say Dex will get on the telephone and pass along a few significant updates, so it'll be fascinating to see which supervisor he's conversing with!

It could be a situation where Dex converses with Michael Corinthos, and Josslyn gets some unacceptable thoughts. Maybe Josslyn will hear something and accept Dex is on the telephone with Sonny, all things being equal.

The clash between Dex and Josslyn

Once more, in any case, Dex and Josslyn will do some conflicting. Joss will inquire as to why she would need to save Dex. Yet, he'll realize she would rather not make waves for Trina, particularly since jury-altering openness would mean the agony of another preliminary.

Done with Maxie, she'll appear disturbed as she inquires whether Austin is dropping the end of the week with her children. Maxie was anticipating this, so she'll ask why Austin is bailing now.

Tragically, Austin might need to lie about the genuine justification for why. This will presumably have something to do with Mason, the cousin who was bothering Austin on The Haunted Star as of late.

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Jordan, Portia, and Curtis are all at GH

Austin will guarantee Maxie that he figures out the significance of family and may vow to cut out time with her youngsters soon. This could cause some relationship issues if Austin needs to hold off for a while.

Then, Martin Gray will whisk Lucy Coe someplace private and convey some disturbing news. It seems to be Martin will concede Anna Devane has him in a difficult situation and is driving him to sell out Valentin Cassadine.

At GH, Jordan will corner Portia and Curtis Ashford. After Jordan proclaims that she realizes why they're both there, she'll demand she will not permit it.

Will Trina get enough help

Jordan may not understand what Portia and Curtis are arranging. This could be a phony where Jordan has rushed to make some unacceptable judgment call.

Regardless, Curtis and Portia will push ahead with the unsafe arrangement to rescue Oz Haggerty once again from his unconsciousness early, so they ought to dispose of Jordan and stay optimistic.

As different subtleties arise, we'll keep you in the know. General Hospital spoilers say Portia's mom bear side will turn out amazingly, so remain tuned to check whether she can help Trina.

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