Former Policeman Who Saved Lil Wayne's Life as a Child Passes Away at 65

Former Policeman Who Saved Lil Wayne's Life as a Child Passes Away at 65

Updated on July 26, 2022 13:21 PM by Anthony Christian

Weezy saved Lil Wayne's life

According to numerous local sources and a social media post by Weezy, a former New Orleans police officer credited with saving Lil Wayne's life has passed away.

Longtime Wayne supporters may be familiar with Robert Hoobler. He was discovered dead in his house on Friday after years of health problems, according to a report from He saved Wayne from taking his life.

Lil Wayne tried killing himself

In 1994, Wayne (who was 12 at the time) shot himself in the chest with a pistol at his mother's apartment, as has been extensively and openly publicized in later years. Hoobler, a policeman who dint let Wayne die.

Hoobler is alleged to have heard the initial radio call while off-duty. At this point, he and other officers—including Kevin Balancier—reacted by going to the area. He saved Wayne.

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Hoobler saved Lil Wayne

After Hoobler dragged Wayne to the backseat and the officers took him to a local hospital, Balancier is alleged to have backed a cruiser into the house's driveway and opened the door.

Wayne has specifically addressed Hoobler on several occasions, occasionally aggressively. Police stopped Wayne from taking his own life.

Police saved Lil Wayne

"When I was young, my life was saved. I took a shot. A white police officer saved my life. Wayne said, "Uncle Bob," in a radio broadcast from the year 2020. Therefore, you must comprehend my perspective on cops, period.

Even though the story's life-saving element has been widely covered over the years, it frequently lacks more extensive context, including that Hoobler was reportedly discharged from his position as a Jefferson Parish deputy in 2012.

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Hobler was involved in an arrest

According to reports at the time, Hoobler's dismissal was related to an arrest in which he allegedly deployed his Taser numerous times and frequently said the N-word.

In a message published on Sunday, Weezy once more recalled how Hoobler had saved his life.

Wayne remarked, "You wouldn't let me pass away.

Wayne posted on his Instagram with a heartfelt caption

Everything happens for a reason. I was dying when I met you at this spot. You refused to let me die.

Everything that doesn't happen for a reason. The reason is you and faith. RIP Uncle Bob.

Aunt Kathie had been waiting for you. I'll love you and miss you both and live for us all.

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