Film Suzume Becomes #15 All-time Highest Grosser

Film Suzume Becomes #15 All-time Highest Grosser

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The movie business has been dominated by Makoto Shinkai for several years now. The Japanese film business has been blown away by Suzume, similar to his earlier hit films such as Backyard of Phrases, Your Identify, or Weathering with You. This film now ranks fifteenth on Japan's list of highest-grossing films.

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Data from field workplaces by Suzume

November 11, 2022, marked the release of the movie in Japan. According to Anime Information Network, more than 1.33 million tickets costing 1.88 billion yen (US$13.49 million) were sold within three days of its release. 

In addition, Jujutsu Kaisen 0 became the ninth highest-grossing anime film in Japan, surpassing it. This film at the box office in 2021 earned 13.75 billion Yen. Regarding Suzume, its ticket gross sales surpassed Your Identify and Weathering with You, Makoto's earlier hits.

A film with the most recognized awards

She meets a young man, and together they attempt to save Japan from a catastrophe, all while living in a quiet city in Kyushu. The Japanese actress Nanoka Hara voices Suzume and J-pop idol Hokuto Matsumara for the role of Sota. 

Masayoshi Tanaka, who worked on Weathering with You and Your Name, also collaborated with Makoto Shinkai on character design. Takumi Tanji directed the artwork, and the movie score was composed by the J-pop group RADWIMPS, which won Best Music at the 46th Japan Academy Movie Prize Association awards.

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