Fans Of 90 Day Fiancé Support Summit's Decision To Change His Mind About Having Children

Fans Of 90 Day Fiancé Support Summit's Decision To Change His Mind About Having Children

Updated on December 13, 2022 13:26 PM by Michael Davis

Fans think it is fully within his rights to change his mind about having children, according to 90 Day Fiancé's Jenny Slatten. There had been a relationship between Jenny and Sumit for a long time before they joined the franchise. As a 23-year-old, Sumit catfished Jenny to meet Jenny more than a decade ago. Some 90-Day Fiancé fans have criticized Summit for deciding he does want kids, but most agree that Jenny should have anticipated this.

User Ok-Jelly-5767 started the thread. Commenters talked about Sumit's youth and how changing as one matures naturally. The original poster said that it was understandable that Sumit didn't want children when he was 23, but at 33, he must have changed his mind. Others suggested that men sometimes want children later in life as well. Others felt that Jenny should have anticipated Sumit's lack of clarity at 23.

Jenny is being treated unfairly by Sumit

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  • Jenny, however, wasn't thought to have known better by all fans. Jenny might not be a fan of some users, but she is not responsible for what Sumit might develop as he matures.
  • The kids were not discussed, but Sumit committed to Jenny's relationship even without them.
  • Summit agreed with Jenny's decision not to have children after she clarified that she had finished having them.
  • Many fans, however, felt Sumit had just as much right to change his mind about kids as Jenny did about living in India and that he had an equal right to do so.

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Changes in their desires can occur

  • While Sumit was young when he met Jenny, he may not have understood that his feelings towards children would change later on when he decided not to have children.
  • While Sumit has spoken about surrogacy and adoption as a way to gain back his parents' approval, the motivation behind his desire to have kids is problematic.
  • To decide to have a child so that another person will be happy is a terrible idea and is completely unfair to the child.

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Dedicated to maintaining the marriage

  • As Sumit matures, he has the right to grow and change but is also committed to staying married to Jenny without having children.
  • Although Jenny has every right to insist that Sumit keep his promise, she has to realize that she may have to let him go if he insists on having a child.
  • Sumit and Jenny are incompatible, including their decision to have children.
  • They may love each other dearly, but they need to separate since they are not a good match.

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