Elon Musk begged his father to keep silent, but the request was ignored

Elon Musk begged his father to keep silent, but the request was ignored

Updated on August 06, 2022 21:36 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Elon wrote, Please keep Quiet. to his father

After speaking with Kyle and Jackie O on Kiss FM about their connection, Elon Musk pleaded with his father to "please keep quiet."

When questioned about the topic live on air earlier in the week, Errol Musk told the Australian radio station he wasn't proud of his billionaire son. The retired electrical engineer then claimed he misspoke since he didn't fully understand the question at the time.

Errol claimed that after he made remarks against Kyle and Jackie O, his three daughters were so enraged that they wouldn't speak to him for several days. However, Elon's final communication to me said, "Dad, the press play you like a violin so please be silent."

Elon and Twitter's ongoing banter

Their legal spat intensified after Elon accused Twitter of fraud, claiming the social media giant misled him about important aspects of its business before he agreed to a $44 billion takeover.

The Tesla CEO filed the action late on Thursday in response to Twitter's attempt to compel him to deal despite cancellation. Elon said in a document submitted to a Delaware court that the number of users who can see advertisements on the network is much lower than the company's estimates.

The accusation said that Twitter's disclosures "had slowly fallen apart, with Twitter hastily closing the gates on the material in a desperate attempt to prevent the Musk Parties from finding its fraud." Twitter dismissed the erratic billionaire's claim in its lawsuit, labeling it "as absurd and contrary to the fact as it sounds." Musk stated Twitter tricked Musk into signing a $44 billion merger agreement.

Elon last week filed his countersuit, which was finally made public on Thursday. It also included a legal rebuttal to Twitter's assertion that the billionaire is obligated by contract to complete the acquisition.

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Misleading information and false claims

Twitter said in the petition that "the counterclaims are a made-for-litigation story that is refuted by the evidence and basic sense." On October 17, a five-day trial will address Twitter's lawsuit against Elon.

The Tesla CEO courted the Twitter board with a $54.20 per share offer. Still, he later revealed in July that they were breaking their deal because Twitter had misled him about the number of bogus and spam accounts it had counted.

According to Twitter's estimates, less than 5% of activity, where shares last traded at $41.06 on Thursday, is attributed to software "bots" rather than actual users.

Twitter claims that Elon created a lie to get out of a merger agreement 

According to the company's filing with the Delaware Chancery Court, "Twitter has cooperated in every way with the merger agreement."

"Musk's counterclaims, founded as they are on misrepresentation, plain dishonesty, and distortion, change nothing." A vote on the merger has been scheduled for September 13 after the social media platform asked shareholders to support the agreement.

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