‘Eight Is Enough' childhood star Adam Rich died at age 54!

‘Eight Is Enough' childhood star Adam Rich died at age 54!

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Adam Rich, an American actor famous for his role as Nicholas Bradford, is the youngest son on the television series Eight is Enough, which ran for five seasons. As his child actor, his appearance of a pageboy haircut for distinctive characters inspired thousands of parents to imitate their younger sons. 

What about Adam Rich's career?

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Adam Rich was born in 1968 in New York. Francine and Rob Rich were his parents. He began his acting career in theatrical classes from a Chatsworth High School instructor who taught prominent performers such as To Gun alumni Val Kilmer. Some of his famous roles include: 

  • Eight Is Enough (1977 – 1981) - Television series
  • The Six Million Dollar Man (1976) - Science fiction series
  • Eight Is Enough: A Family Reunion (1987) - TV movies 
  • Eight Is Enough playing role of Nicholas Bradford (1988) - Starring role
  • Pivotal role – The Devil and Max Devlin
  • Former child star – Comedy Dickie Roberts (2003) 

During his career, he was just eight years old, and in the late 1970s comedy, Eight Is Enough. In 1977, he appeared in the television film The City. His voice was used in Dungeons & Dragons, Tuki. He decided to sedate life away from the spotlight, and the actress decided to leave the entertainment business. 

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Adam Rich's cause of death!

On January 7, 2023, Adam Rich died at his home in Los Angeles. He previously suffered from substance miscue. He tried smoking marijuana at the age of 14. In 1991, he was arrested in a drugstore window to get narcotics. He gets an additional legal issue when Dick Van Patten, his Eight Is Enough television father comes to his aid. In 2002, Adam Rich was arrested after being accused of DUI. At least three times, he's gone to drug rehab. In 2013, he made personal appearances and was promoted in many TV shows and films. Adam Rich's cause of death is not revealed. His theatrical instructor Kevin Spacey, Val Kilmer, and other well-known performers educated him. 

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Net Worth of Adam Rich!

Adam Rich's net worth is about $500 thousand at his death on January 2023. All his earnings come from his acting profession. He started his performance as a youth in Florida with his family. He dabbled in many activities as a youngster, including bicycle riding, skating, football, and swimming.  

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