Dylan O'Brien was irritated by the Nightwing rumours

Dylan O'Brien was irritated by the Nightwing rumours

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Dylan O'Brien reveals his true feelings about the Nightwing rumors while promoting Not Okay. Fans have long wished for O'Brien to play a superhero in a film. Early in his professional life, when the MCU was looking for a youthful actor to play Spider-Man, O'Brien's identity was frequently mentioned as a viable candidate.

About Dylan Rhodes O'Brien

Dylan Rhodes O'Brien (born August 26, 1991) is an actor from the United States. Stiles Stilinski on the MTV paranormal controversy Teen Wolf (2011-2017), where he was a recurring character for all six seasons.

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Ever since

The Teen Wolf alum has been wrongly rumored to play the Flash, but more than any other comic-book character, fans have repeatedly cited O'Brien as the right entertainer to play Nightwing in a live-action film.

Earlier this year, these calls reached a fever pitch

These calls peaked earlier this year, prompting O'Brien to reiterate his stance on the superhero genre. He's consistently argued that, whilst also he understands the genre's attraction, he'd be much happier with a lower profile that allows him to focus on the projects he's most passionate about. In new remarks, O'Brien discusses how easily fan fittings can turn into endless rumors that must be disproved.

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In an exclusive interview 

O'Brien discusses why the Nightwing rumors bothered him and how they relate to his new film in an exclusive interview with Screen Rant to promote Not Okay, which is presently streaming on Hulu. The dark comedy, created and directed by Quinn Shephard and starring O'Brien as Colin, follows a photo editor (Zoe Deutch) who fabricates a massive lie that explodes out of control.

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It's easy to see why that premise struck a chord

It's easy to see why that assumption appealed to O'Brien, who is frequently the subject of wild online supposition.

Nightwing claims were false

O'Brien, Dylan: No, no, never, never [if the Nightwing rumors are true]. I'm glad time has passed so that people can see I was telling the truth. There was so much doubt, speculation, and theory, all from, I don't even know who put it... I believe they only post s—t. They don't have a source. It is not derived from anything. It's insane to see it catch fire. That doesn't seem fair, does it? It is [similar to the message of Not Okay]. Yeah. I mean, it was similar to a popular account. It's a credible source, and they're just making stuff up. That's fascinating, isn't it?

Despite Not Okay's breathtaking conclusion

The real kicker of the film is that Danni's lies were easily debunked. She tells a great storyline, leading nearly everyone around her to believe the lie despite the fact that discrepancies were obvious from the start. Among the many messages that the film seeks to convey is that some stories are too good to question.

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Clearly, that is also the case with O’Brien

That is unquestionably the case with O'Brien's superhero debut, whether with Marvel or DC. However, reading the actor's own quotations, dating back to 2014, show that it is not a career path he wants to continue.

It speaks to how social media distorts reality

It illustrates how social media distorts reality. O'Brien's comments have been consistent, but rumors like the Nightwing molds spread like wildfire and are too often reiterated faster than he can correct them. This is the plot of Not Okay, which highlights the importance of scrutinizing a person's words and trying to dig into sources to determine their credibility. It's something to keep in mind the next time O'Brien is linked to a high-profile film.

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