Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger share a hilarious parenting video

Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger share a hilarious parenting video

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He is a bonafide movie star while She is a soap queen

The actor's real-life family is much less dramatic than his on-screen ones, though, as he lives with his wife, Kelly Kruger. Kruger has also experience acting in soap operas; over the years. Brooks and Kruger wed in 2016 after they met on the set of "Blue Mountain State." 
Together, the couple has two kids: a daughter named Everleigh, who was born in 2019, and a son named Gemma, who was born in February 2022. The chaos of having two young children at home is undeniable. Brooks frequently commends his wife on social media for being a rock-star mother to his daughters. Kruger just posted a hilarious video on Instagram explaining how much their perspective on parenting changed after becoming parents themselves.

Parents everywhere may identify with Kelly Kruger and Darin Brooks

Early in August 2022, Kelly Kruger shared an Instagram story in which she and her husband Darin Brooks chuckled about how challenging it is to get their two young children into a car seat and leave the house, especially when they are hosting Brooks' family from Hawaii.

Kruger discussed how much becoming a mother has altered her opinion on fictional parents. The 1990 Christmas classic "Home Alone," featuring Macaulay Culkin as the lone child in a family of fourteen who gets left behind after departing for vacation, was described by the actress as "the first time I saw it, I did not comprehend how on earth it was conceivable that they forgot a kid."

She said, "I started trying to leave the house at a specific hour when I became a mother. And I can now see how having that many kids could make it easy to forget one!" Kruger and Darin are hilarious parents of the decade for sure.

We didn't forget a kid; Brooks assured their viewers as they sat safely in tow behind the wheel of their automobile with their two-year-old and baby daughters. Before adding, "Just keep in mind the sunscreen, hats, all the food we could require, and all the individuals who are now residing in our home. That is a lot."

When Kruger added a poll to her post, she asked her followers if they shared the opinion that the premise of "Home Alone" was impractical before becoming parents. The outcomes? Almost 92% of people said "Yes." 

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