Batman steals $600million at the Box office even while ending the franchise

Batman steals $600million at the Box office even while ending the franchise

Updated on March 23, 2022 10:11 AM by Anna P

Batman's creators

The creator of Batman, Warner Bros, conveyed that 'The Batman' did not only earn $300 million on Sunday. The movie received even more love and earned $600 million worldwide. After Batman, the second lead is Matt Reeves and Peter Craig's comic Spiderman: Homecoming.

Spiderman grossed $334 million

Spiderman: No way home about to cross $800 million domestically. Also, the Amazing Spiderman grossed around $762 million. Batman is going to be the enormous grossing non-sequel superhero franchise launcher. 

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 According to the Warner Bros

Batman is doing quite well. It is not different from Chris Nolan's Batman Begins. Featuring the same onscreen villains that are Penguin, Catwoman, and Riddler. Huge factors that helped Batman grow are lack of competition, pungent reviews, obvious IP value, relative familiarity, and increased superhero pop culture.

 Fans love Batman

Fans, including many small and middle-aged boys, are lovers of Batman. Many of us have grown up reading and watching the Batman gigs. Batman's most significant artistic deficit turned out to be the most prominent commercial boost for the franchise. The movie has always ruled over the Box office. It was the very first 'R-rated horror flick' for kids. However, the movie grossed over $700 with a tiny budget of $37 million.

 The theatrical franchise

Batman kept theaters flooded with audiences, said Warner Bros. The movie became a huge artistic and commercial win. Batman will end as the most successful part one superhero film in terms of domestic earnings. 

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