An adorable new video shows Gabby Barrett's daughter singing to mama

An adorable new video shows Gabby Barrett's daughter singing to mama

Updated on July 15, 2022 15:54 PM by Ella Bina

There is no denying that Gabby Barrett has talent in her veins... She recently posted an adorable video on Instagram that shows how her daughter might be following in her superstar mom's footsteps one day. There is a 15-second video clip of Baylah May singing into a microphone. Barrett gushes in her sweet caption: "My girl. Singin' to mama!" As Layla celebrates her first birthday this month. After meeting on American Idol in 2018 and marrying the following year, Barrett and Foehner welcomed their first child, Layla May, on January 18, 2021. Throughout the years, Barrett has been keen to share her love of music with Layla.

Barrett shared a photo of Baylah last year during a sound check before a performance in Minnesota, showing her daughter chewing on her mother's microphone and sitting in her father's guitar case. In Barrett's "Footprints On The Moon" music video, Baylah and Foehner, who often performs with his wife, performed with her during the season finale of American Idol last May. As of Mother’s Day, the singer announced that she and her husband were expecting a boy. The couple is getting ready to welcome their second child later this year. As Barrett leaves the tour to give birth, other artists will step in as special guests during the second half of Jason Aldean's headlining "Rock N' Roll Cowboy Tour." Aldean noted previously that he had previously noted that other artists would be special guests. 

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