'American Idol' star Noah Thompson's girlfriend posted a cryptic Instagram amid breakup rumors

'American Idol' star Noah Thompson's girlfriend posted a cryptic Instagram amid breakup rumors

Updated on July 23, 2022 15:42 PM by Ava Sara

The American Idol winner Noah Thompson has been rumored to have broken up with girlfriend Angel Dixon and has begun dating Idol runner-up HunterGirl since May. Some believe that Angel is now speaking out in her way about the situation despite Noah's recent attempts to shut down the gossip. The two Instagram photos Angel posted on July 8 were of her and Noah's infant son Walker. It's the back of her jeans that's decorated with colorful wildflowers, even though she doesn't reveal her face in the photo. Her caption seemed to suggest that the props symbolized a struggle she was going through.

The comments on Angel's Instagram post were filled with heartfelt and encouraging messages. Among other things, one person said, "Everything you and Noah have done for your son is truly amazing.". During that time, you were running your household while he was winning idol. Your son has a beautiful future because of you both.” Angel responded: “Aww, you have no idea what this means to me.” Thank you so much for everything.

As soon as Noah was announced as the winner of the ABC competition show, he and Angel were seen unfollowing each other on social media, which fuelled further rumors about their breakup. As a result of his performance during Hollywood Week, Noah has now released a country version of Rihanna's R&B ballad "Stay." During the show, he nearly lost his place in the top 24 following a "shaky" duet that threatened to lose him his spot in the competition.


During Noah's performance, he revealed what inspired him to choose the song he chose and answered the judges' questions about what inspired him to choose it. He said that this was not the sort of song he would normally sing but he says that when he sings this song, he is reminded of when he was back home with his girlfriend Angel when they sang it together. During the time Noah shared a teaser of the recording of his studio album, he did not mention this anecdote. 

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