All American Rejects' Tyson Ritter Is Taking His Wife and Son, 2, on Tour: The 'Osmonds Experience'

All American Rejects' Tyson Ritter Is Taking His Wife and Son, 2, on Tour: The 'Osmonds Experience'

Updated on August 14, 2023 16:03 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Tyson Ritter the All American Rejects star has revealed that he is taking his wife and 2-year-old son on his tour which he tagged “The 'Osmonds Experience'


According to the singer, his son likes 'Swing Swing' and will most likely request it during the tour and he called it a flattering experience.

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The All-American Rejects kicked off their much-anticipated tour last week Friday after almost a decade without touring. Ritter who spoke to the PEOPLE regarding the tour stated that he hopes to impress his 2-year-old son with this touring experience. 


“This is a giant big top circus,” he says. “And to be the ringmaster of it myself is a very, very daunting experience so that my son's gonna be along for the ride this time, honestly, I think I'm just really so excited to show him that his Dad's kind of P.T. Barnum.”


This is going to be a full-on Osmonds experience,” he adds.


Ritter's lovely son who although young in age, has already fallen in love with the Rejects with his favourite song being “Swing Swing”. The punk-rocker says his wife Elena Satine started playing his music for their son early on, and he quickly took to one of the group’s biggest hits.


“It’s really weird when you're showing somebody your own music, and especially if it's your son, because you don't know if he's gonna dig it if he's just 2,” Ritter confesses before revealing, “He likes ‘Swing Swing’ — he’ll request it — which is a really flattering experience to have your son request one of your songs.”

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Tyson Ritter and Elena Satine got married in a beautiful simple wedding along with iPods and low-rise jeans. The rejects broke out in the early 2000s. According to Ritter the Wet Hot Summer Tour which runs through Oct 14th is the “perfect little time capsule.”


“We're just trying to celebrate what we've created for ourselves,” Ritter explains. “The Wet Hot American Summer Tour is a celebration of the fact that people are now finally old enough to come out to these shows and the shame that they may have had in their hearts listening to this band at one point is now free and released.”

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Going back to their upcoming days in the 1990s, with the release of “Move Along” record, Ritter explained that it is “surreal” to reflect on the Rejects “four guys from Oklahoma” writing songs in a garage in the ‘90s compared to how big they are today.


“I remember having, like, a few thousand dollars in the bank, and it was the eve of the [‘Move Along’] record coming out, and I remember going, ‘If this doesn't work, I have no idea what I'm gonna do with my life,’”


“Because I remember the fear of the release of Move Along, that record — I remember going, ‘Oh my God if this doesn't happen, I'm gonna be working at Blockbuster.’ And now Blockbuster doesn't even exist, so where would I be?”


According to him, he didn't believe the song would be the turning point for him and his bandmates. Now with over two decades gone, he says performing the Rejects’ hits is like reliving the dream.


“When you're singing a song in a crowd of people that are voicing it to you in a way that their entire hearts are in their throats, it makes you up for it, you know, as it keeps it new,” Ritter says. “It's not old yet.”


After the tour, Ritter stated that he will be moving back to Oklahoma with his family and he will begin working on solo projects and his new band, Now More Than Ever.


“Right now, I honestly couldn't be happier to be not only in the Rejects but also in a place in my life where, you know, I have this opportunity to be able to continue to create,” he says.

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