After getting a brandy tat, s haters... Sister, that's my leg, you see!

After getting a brandy tat, s haters... Sister, that's my leg, you see!

Updated on July 15, 2022 17:21 PM by Ava Sara

Ray speaks about his new Tattoo

Ray happily bragged about his new tattoos while addressing the commenters who were generally critical of the post. According to the "Sexy Can I" singer, he got a tattoo of Brandy to honor and demonstrate his love for her. Ray J claims he wouldn't be the person he is now without her. He also didn't seem bothered by the typical social media pictures, some of which — ironically — were taken by Brandy!

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Ray J is doing what he likes

The ruler of reality TV has once more discovered a technique to stay in internet users' minds. He started famous on social media after releasing a video of himself getting a tattoo following an on-stage mishap at a recent Verzuz. As the post spread, many people commented on social media on Brandy's younger brother's most recent antics.

Ray adores the Tattoo

She was a little uncomfortable with the design of the Tattoo, which features a picture of Brandy with blood-red eyes and the words "Best friends four ever" on her face. Still, Ray claims it doesn't matter because he adores it. He even goes on to claim that anyone who disagrees is trippin'. It's my leg and my sister, to put it simply.

Gothic like Tattoo

Ray called his Tattoo the "holy leg" and described it as "very gothic-like" when he posted an image of it online. He replies, "That's just the artist's style," to everybody who inquires.

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