Actress Juhi Parmar & Her Daughter Rejects The 'Barbie' Movie

Actress Juhi Parmar & Her Daughter Rejects The 'Barbie' Movie

Updated on August 10, 2023 15:57 PM by Andrew Koschiev

( Actress Juhi Parmar & Her Daughter Rejects The 'Barbie' Movie Image Credits: Dexerto)

An Indian Television Star, Juhi Parmar, has taken her daughter to see glimpses of the new Barbie film. She runs out within just the first 10 minutes as of its 'inappropriate scenes.' The actress was later slammed with the post that she made slapping the innuendos of the Movie. She realized she made a big mistake to take her daughter and watch the Barbie movie. She wrote in a post that some of us might send her a lot of angst, but she shared a note as an anxious parent to Barbie. The other parents out there do not make the mistake that she did. It is a request from Juhi Parmar to check before you take your children to watch the Movie. She said that the choice is all yours. Read more insights from and stay tuned with daily headlines. 

Juhi Took Her Daughter, Samairra, without researching

Juhi has taken accountability for taking her daughter to the PG 13th-rated Barbie movie, which she unknowingly did. She said that she started the mistakes independently and commented, 'I have taken my 10-year-old girl child, Samarra, to see the movie without any research that it was nothing but a 'PG-13' movie. Juhi discovered the 'sexual connotations' and 'inappropriate language' in 10 minutes. She was impatiently walking out of the theatre with her little kid. Some people criticized the mother for letting her child expose so-called 'inappropriate language.' She should leave the film as it is. Keep abreast of and remain engaged! 

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Juhi found 'No Cross Checks' was there in the Movie

( Juhi found 'No Cross Checks' was there in the Movie Image Credits: Deadline)

Juhi wanted to know why there was no cross-check with the age limit before streaming into the cinema. She commented, 'I want to tell why to make a film that's such an integral part of a child's life and then included the inappropriate content for the kids. I ask regarding the cross-checks. I should have done more research, though; why are there no checks and reminders? Why're the theatres not remembering the parents that we think you're familiar with the fact that this is a 'PG-13' film.' 

The Cinema Emptied By Parents and Kids 

Juhi recalled her experiences with Barbie dolls growing up and noted that the popular toys had been a beloved part of young girls' lives for decades. Hence the desire to take her 10-year-old daughter to see the Movie. However, she pointed out that the 'inappropriate language' in the Movie would have led to parents rushing their children out of the cinema to protect their innocent minds. She said the theatres were half-empty since it was not for the young girls who pushed their parents to watch the Movie. She wrote that she went back and went through the promos and then realized that none gave the insights of 'inappropriate language' shown in the Movie. Why mislead? 

The ‘Comments’ from Juhi's Post on the Internet

Juhi's post about ‘the Barbie movie not being suitable for her daughter’ received a lot of ruthless reactions from Barbie's fans. A person commented that the Barbie Movie comes under PG-13. Why didn’t you do the necessary research? You are responsible for overseeing your child's well-being and checking before watching the movie. It’s no one's fault.

Another individual added, 'Barbie represents a mirage, indeed.' You've stated it. Do you know how many females are underconfident, insecure, and have body image grudges because of this specific ILLUSION'? Another commented, 'The Movie made fun of and changed all the stereotypes linked with Barbie when the kids were growing up. It tells about the thing of feminism and patriarchy. Your serials also do not suggest this but enhance misogyny, shaming, and patriarchy. Yet you'll happily show those to your kids. So typical.' 

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