‘A revolting Accusation’ about Denis and Jen Shah!!!

‘A revolting Accusation’ about Denis and Jen Shah!!!

Conversation between Jen and Meredith about the arrest.

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Jen was brought up in Salt Lake City, UT, on October 4, 1973. Jen Shah is an American Actress who was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. After becoming a cast member in the program, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, she achieved a great follower. She is also the established director and owner of JAX Fashion, Shah Beauty, and The Real Shah Lashes Companies. 

She completed her education in her native place after Jen Shah graduated with a Bachelor of Political Science. Jen was subsequently awarded his law doctor in Utah in 2001. She has five siblings and he is the eldest of six children born to Charlene Bonnie Vincent Lui and Sione Kaisa Lui.

Meredith marks setting record!!!

For hiring a private investigator, Jen Shah questioned Meredith and they went back and forth before White Rose that asked about why she and Mary Cosby decided not to travel with the rest of the group for a second time.

Whitney said that the fact that you weren’t in the van today and you weren’t in the van in Vail looks like you may have something to do with blaming Jane.

In March, Jen, 47, and her assistant were arrested and accused of allegedly defrauding hundreds of people in a nationwide telemarketing scheme.

In April, Jen pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with telemarketing and conspiracy to commit money laundering. Shortly after, she filed a motion asking the court to dismiss all charges on the grounds of “legal and factual insufficiency” and suppression of evidence.

When their trial is scheduled?

The judge denied that motion in August, and her trial is now scheduled to begin in March 2022. Innocent until proven guilty at the end of the day,” Meredith told us. My friendship with Jen is a different standard, it’s not held to legal standards, but in terms of a crime, it is innocent till proven guilty and you know, the court of friendships is a little bit different.

Jane said that I didn’t think you did and thus Meredith knew she would be arrested. Before Jane Meredith said that I have been very honest and have a lot of compassion for you. She also mentioned that I don’t want to see your family suffer and also not to see anyone's tears!!!

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