A Heartbreaking Letter By Girl To Santa On Joshua Mitchell’s Death

A Heartbreaking Letter By Girl To Santa On Joshua Mitchell’s Death

Updated on December 29, 2022 17:30 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Heartbreaking Letter 

A little girl whose father was killed before Christmas Day penned a heartbreaking letter to Santa Claus, requesting when her father would come back. 

Joshua Mitchell 

(Image Credits: Daily Mail)

37-year-old Joshua Mitchell was shot on his private road path when he arrived home from the workplace on 19th December. Various neighbors raised panic about his death. 

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Investigation To Find Shooter 

The Police of Douglasville, US, are investigating to find the shooter. Due to the tragedy, a 7-year-old daughter, Saraya, has written a letter asking Santa to bring him back. 

Nicole, Joshua Mitchell’s Wife 

Joshua’s wife, Nicole, said about the girl, ‘The fact that occurred before Christmas day would come always in Conversation that when we lost her father.’ She said, ‘the girl in a good school, gain good grades and asked, Can I please bring my father back?’ 

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Nicole Spoke about Joshua

Nicole said, ‘I felt glad that morning that he went off to work. He’ll forever be in my mind, his kiss and I love him.  

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The Youngest Distressing Letter 

The youngest whole letter said, ‘Dear Santa Claus, all I need on this Christmas day to back my day. I love my father. Somebody hurt my father. I want to get my dad back. I am good in School and have good grades. 

A Sweet Tribute 

For a sweet tribute, Nicole described Joshua as an ‘honorable entrepreneur and marine’ and devoted as a good stepfather and husband. 

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