90 days Fiance cast was never short of rumors: Tim Malcolm reacts to speculations that he's gay

90 days Fiance cast was never short of rumors: Tim Malcolm reacts to speculations that he's gay

Updated on August 16, 2022 17:44 PM by Michael Davis

Tim Malcolm showed up on 90 Day Bares All as of late and tended to remarks that Jesse Meester made about him during a past episode. Tim has first acquainted with watchers on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 3, he flew from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Bucaramanga, Colombia, to meet Colombian model Jeniffer Tarazona.

The two have since separated, and Jeniffer and Jesse are currently dating. They are set to show up on 90 Day: The Single Life season 2 together.

 Relationship between Tim and Jeniffer

Tim and Jeniffer's relationship got rough, as Jeniffer was awkward with how close Tim was to his ex, Veronica Rodriguez, with whom he shares a girl. Things deteriorated when Tim gave Jeniffer a commitment ring that he had recently given to Veronica as a wedding band.

Their other focal plot point was how long it took Tim to kiss Jeniffer, even though he'd given her a ring and told her he cherished her. His hesitance to kiss her started bits of gossip that he may be gay. Jeniffer and Tim split up not long after the show finished, and Tim proceeded to star on Pillow Talk close by his ex, Veronica.

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Jesse's allegations against Tim

As indicated by Entertainment Tonight, Jesse showed up on a new episode of 90 Day Bares All, grinning as he said that the explanation Tim didn't take action on Jeniffer was "self-evident." The Dutch fitness coach likewise guaranteed that Jeniffer enlightened him that Tim would talk concerning him "continually" because he "respected" him.

Tim rejected that he discussed Jesse with Jeniffer at any point and said that he thinks Jesse is a "jokester" and a "domineering jerk." Tim likewise expressed that he thinks Jesse "has that pre-owned vehicle sales rep vibe about him" and that he is dating Jeniffer, trying to "remain important."

The North Carolina neighborhood added that he doesn't figure Jesse and Jeniffer will be together for extremely lengthy. He likewise said that Jesse better has a "major wallet" to keep up with Colombian excellence's consideration.

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Tim denies the allegations about being a gay

During his 90-Day Bares All appearance, Tim likewise denied the Dutch fitness coach's case that he is gay. He said that although he upholds the gay community, he has never wanted to get sincerely engaged with a man, and he doesn't imagine that will change.

Tim additionally expressed that he has loads of DMs from men saying they are accessible, assuming he at any point alters his perspective. Nonetheless, he's certain that he is just keen on ladies. This isn't when an individual first cast part has offered remarks about Tim.

Individual Pillow Talk fan-most loved Dean Hashim and said Tim was "excessively ladylike." The two fought over online entertainment about the comment for quite a while. However, they've made peace.

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Whose statement is true? The unknown truth

Assuming that Jesse and Tim's new remarks on 90 Day Bare All are any sign, their fight is nowhere near finished. Watchers ought to hope to see additional assertions from the two of them later on.

A past 90 Day Fiancé establishment cast part showing up on a side project while dating one more cast part is succulent, so watchers who blossom with the show's theatrics ought to watch out for Jesse, Jeniffer, and Tim.

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