'90 Day Fiances' Olga Kashimbetova and Steven Frend have an unplanned second child

'90 Day Fiances' Olga Kashimbetova and Steven Frend have an unplanned second child

Updated on March 18, 2022 19:41 PM by Anthony Christian

Back Together 

90 Day Fiance Olga Kashimbetova was even back with her alienated spouse Steven Frend, and they are planning for a second baby.The pair's volatile relationship has confused many fans.Yet, evidently, the two are back together and plan to remain as such for the expected future.Considering all the confusion, Steven spilt some details in an interview with In Touch Weekly.

 Unplanned Second Baby 

In the interview, Steven uncovers the second baby was unplanned and tossed the couple for a positive circle, particularly after the pair's new move to Brooklyn, New York, from Maryland.Yet, while the pregnancy was actually unplanned, Steven claims that they two are not stressed as his occupation is well paying and will permit a lot of time for Olga to remain at home with the new child.

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 Parents Of Three Year Old Son 

Already the couple has a three-year-old child together, Alex.While the two had discussed having more kids eventually, there had not been a date in sight.Mainly, a couple's relationship hit some genuine potholes, and maybe the two could part for good.

Looming Pregnancy 

Yet, the couple appeared to have made peace, and Olga implied prior in the month at a looming pregnancy.She had posted a photograph on her Instagram and wrote a caption that questioned like moms of two, how they spent their time.Steven announced that Olga is only about ten weeks along, and it is too soon to know the gender at this time.

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