1000-lb Sisters: What do fans think about a series focusing on Amy instead of Tammy

1000-lb Sisters: What do fans think about a series focusing on Amy instead of Tammy

Updated on August 04, 2022 11:41 AM by Andrew Koschiev

Amy and Tammy's life journey

Amy Slaton Halter man's life may one day serve as the focus of 1000-lb Sisters instead of Tammy Slaton's. Despite the series starting off following both sisters' journeys, Tammy Slaton has failed to live up to her end of the bargain. The spotlight may now be in Amy's sights.

The decision toward weight loss

Both of them eventually decided upon gastric bypass surgery. Both women needed to lose considerable weight to qualify for the procedure. A combined weight of over 1,000 tipped the scales for the Slaton sisters from Kentucky.

As of yet, Amy is the only sister who has managed to lose weight successfully. Tammy's fans are beginning to feel that TLC is tired of her. The last season featured viewers seeing Tammy almost die from health complications as she struggled to change her unhealthy lifestyle. The bariatric procedure was performed on her. Is Amy soon to be handed the reins by the producers?

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Shocking photos for fans

Fans of 1000-lb Sisters have wondered why Tammy hasn't featured in Amy's social media photos for a few weeks. Glenn Allen Halterman was born on July 5 to mom Joanna Halterman, who has gushed over him ever since. Neither Aunt Tammy nor her spokesperson has made an appearance or spoken out publicly.

Amy grabs fans

TLC has been unable to communicate with its fans, leading some to speculate that Tammy may be cut from the show so that Amy can take center stage. As a result of her increased social media presence and following, Amy has gained a larger following than ever before. Tammy's journey seems less important to fans now than her family.

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The weight loss surgery

Ever since Tammy's near-death experience, she has been living in an Ohio rehab facility. A rumor has it that Tammy will undergo surgery in early August after being qualified for the surgery by an alleged insider. Queen Tammy has not yet revealed this news to her fans.

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Fans thought about Tammy

Tammy has kept a low profile in the past few months, except for announcing her new relationship. She has not spoken to fans in many months, which has led many to believe that she may have left TLC.

TLC cameras have already begun filming 1000-lb Sisters, and Tammy told fans a few months ago. As Amy shared then, she was uncertain about returning to the series, feeling as though she was being unfaithful to her children.

How does Tammy continue the show

Because she must spend so much time away from them while she makes the series, she does not have time to spend with them. Tammy intended to ensure that the show would continue without her sister, but it now looks like things may have turned, leaving Tammy behind as her sister has abandoned her.

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