You Won't Believe Why 105.1 HD Radio Ditched Sinatra for Taylor Swift!

You Won't Believe Why 105.1 HD Radio Ditched Sinatra for Taylor Swift!

Updated on August 05, 2023 11:21 AM by Andrew Koschiev

( You Won't Believe Why 105.1 HD Radio Ditched Sinatra for Taylor Swift! Image Credits: Deadline)

Lately, if people tuned to digital HD radio station 105.1, they must can hear Frank Sinatra and friends. But now, on August 4, you must not believe and very shocked to know that now you can hear Taylor Swift on those HD radio station! Why they ditched Sinatra and replace him with Taylor Swift? It was originally scheduled to begin July 29 but started two days early and was planned to run for 30 days.

Saul Levine Decided To Change The Format 

Based on the format stunts of the past, Saul Levine as stasiun owner, told that the format has changed from Unforgettable LA to Unforgettable Taylor Swift or some people called it K-SWIFT. It change due to the highly interest of the Taylor Swift’s coming tour, so Saul Levine initiated to played ‘All Taylor All The Time’ in his HD radio station.

For more information, you can listen it in digital stream that requires a special HD Tuner to receive, or, if you live in San Fernando, you also can listen it on a local FM radio on the local low-powered transmitter that can simulcasts the format.

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More Deeper Behind The Changes

( You Won't Believe Why 105.1 HD Radio Ditched Sinatra for Taylor Swift! Image Credits: People)

As mention at previous, one of a reason in the format changed is caused by extremely interest of many Taylor Swift’s fans. Taylor Swift started her career as an independent singer-songwriter aged 16 in 2006 until she success being a best singer and a cultural figure. Even more, her upcoming tour, the Eras Tour who will include stops in Japan, Australia, Singapore, France, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Poland, Austria, and United Kingdom very attract the attention of her fans.

For provide the highly demand of Taylor Swift’s stream from her fans, Saul Levine also announced that the KKGO HD signals, which have four signals, is very  potential to reach 12 million people and so many new cars include the HD radios as standard or optional equipment, depending on the manufacturer.

Response of The Listener

The change format of HD radio surely attract many reaction from the listener or radio audience, especially for people who listen radion in their car on their trip or way. Some listener complained about something wrong with the software or a module in their car, which also leads to the radio tuning in the last AM or FM station heard no matter what other setting their had. Maybe the technical problems like that make a listener or radio audience was feeling hard to follow the change format of HD radio.

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Taylor Swift’s Impact in Radio

(Taylor Swift’s Impact in Radio Image Credits: CNN)

We all must know why Taylor Swift  was so popular. Taylor Swift has won many awards for her music, including twelve Grammys, Album of the Year award three times, and many more. Most people have at least heard one song of Taylor Swift on the radio or in the digital media. Along with all the song who played by many people in the world, Taylor Swift was a huge influence in the media industry, especially in radio, and made her to be a reason the format change from Unforgettable LA to Unforgettable Taylor Swift.


The change format of digital HD radio station 105.1 is very impactful for radio technology in the world. The digital HD radio made people can listen the radio in digital stream that can listened in everywhere not just in the local of radio network. The digital radio also develop the musician, made their so famous and gave they so many earned and achievements. Let’s use the HD digital radio too in our life, so we can give impact for the radio and absolutely the musician!

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