The Reasons Behind Justine Bateman's Natural Aging

The Reasons Behind Justine Bateman's Natural Aging

Updated on March 30, 2023 17:15 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Director, author, and actress Justine Bateman say confidence in your image should grow with age, not decrease. She shared her body-positive message in 1982 in the sitcom Family Ties. 57-year-old singer Kate Moss appeared on 60 Minutes Australia with a simple message: "I just don't give a s---. I think I'm pretty. I'm a real person."

Justine Bateman: Procedures Could Remove Something

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Despite the actor-turned-director admitting she considered botox and fillers in the past, she realized these procedures could remove something much more precious than they could provide. She says she would erase all her authority and feel different than she was at 20. She also loves seeing her reflection of herself in the mirror.

The autocomplete on Google in Justine Bateman's early forties was: "looks old" as she wrote Fame: The Hijacking of Reality. Justine Bateman looks old. She then examined the photos presented as "evidence."

Justin Bateman: Embarrassed Me In A Ridiculous Way

According to her, she thought her face looked fine. Ahead of Face: One Square Foot of Skin's release in 2021, she said, "I decided to make those beliefs right and myself wrong.".

Society still pressures people to reverse aging, and Bateman told 60 Minutes Australia that such obsessions could be troubling. It makes me sad to see them not just living life but also distracted from what they should be doing by this obsession with resolving their facial problems.

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