The Cheated Feeling Of Djimon Hounsou In Hollywood

The Cheated Feeling Of Djimon Hounsou In Hollywood

Updated on March 20, 2023 10:55 AM by Andrew Koschiev

This is Djimon Hounsou speaking about how Hollywood treats him. He said that the film industry has "seriously cheated him" in an interview Thursday. Even though the Oscars are predominantly white today, he recalls having no support for a time. 

It felt like, 'You should be happy that you've been nominated,' and that's that. The media, my own people and the industry do not support me. The role in the 2003 film In America and the role in the 2006 film Blood Diamond earned Hounsou an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

The experience of Hounsou was compared

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Some people are well off but have very little of the accomplishments I have, and that makes me feel very cheated, both emotionally and financially." he said. When I've attended studio meetings, they seem surprised that I've been here all these years, having gotten off the boat and then going back. In hearing things like that, one can easily see how others view you and what you represent. 

However, this is what it is. I have a responsibility to change that. 'We only have this much for the role, but we think you can bring so much,' they tell me,” He told The Guardian. According to Hounsou, he has to prove why he deserves to be paid, similar to how Davis felt after gaining three Oscars, an Emmy, and a Tony award.

The DC universe is highly respected

"Film after film, it's a struggle. I haven't met a movie that pays me fairly," Hounsou explained. The role of the wizard who confers Billy Batson's superpowers on Hounsou, however, has brought him respect. The DC universe has the highest level of respect out of all of them," Hounsou noted. 

At first, the role wasn't that interesting, but it was a little more respectful the second time. The Hollywood industry sometimes suggests that we should pay closer attention to him, said Hounsou. He's doing well, but he's underappreciated." 

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