Sonja Morgan from ‘RHONY’ is giving the House Marketing Another Shot After she almost sold her her Townhouse in 2020

Sonja Morgan from ‘RHONY’ is giving the House Marketing Another Shot After she almost sold her her Townhouse in 2020

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Sonja Morgan, known widely from the show Real Housewives of New York, came painfully close to finally unloading her five-story Upper East Side Townhouse only days before the pandemic lockdown.

And while that sale fell off, she is now ready to face the housing market again, and this time she has the iconic home for $8.75 million.

Sonja Morgan and her will to sell the townhouse 

Sonja Morgan’s desire to sell her townhouse property had become an enduring storyline on Real Housewives of New York as she was emotionally trying to decide if she was ready to part with the property. Morgan had originally purchased the home with her ex-husband, but they have been divorced since then, and her daughter went off to boarding school and then to college, leaving no one to live in the house.

So maintaining the sprawling residence didn’t make financial sense to her, so she decided to sell the house in the first place. 

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Morgan has been trying to sell the townhouse for about ten years. She and her ex-husband John Adams Morgan had purchased the home at 162 East 63rd Street in 1998 for $9.1 million. She had initially listed the property during the recession brought on by the housing market in 2009 for $12 million.

The townhouse was not sold, so Morgan removed it from the MLS. But she continued to try to sell the home through the years, listing it at anywhere from $7 million to $9 million. After no bites, she rented the townhouse, charging $32,000 a month.

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Cleary, timing hasn’t been a friend to Morgan regarding real estate. Morgan being the stubborn person she is, re-listed the townhouse in 2020, this time for $10.75 million. That was early March 2020, when Morgan told the source that the offer was in her hands but had slipped away all thanks to the Coronavirus, AKA Covid-19.

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Her immediate sale failed due to the coming of Covid-19

Morgan also revealed to a source that she had struck a good and desirable deal with a buyer in 2020. “Just before Covid I had a full offer,” she said. “Full offer cash with everything in it.”

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And coincidentally, the buyer was a Real Housewives of New York fan. “Somebody that watches the show, and she’s a businesswoman who owns six or seven different homes. She wanted it as is,” Morgan recalled. Additionally, the buyer wanted all the custom fixtures and even some of the furniture. “All the antiques except for the Morgan and Adams pieces. I have to take those obviously for my daughter.”

“But I started that deal with her in January and February,” she added. “She pulled out. Both of our lawyers were about to exchange financial reports and all that. Nope! Because of Covid.”

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In the early Covid months, New York Metropolis's housing market collapsed, resulting in many rock-bottom deals as the city became the US equivalent of Covid's ground zero. Morgan returned to the house and stayed there throughout the pandemic since she wasn't about to go with her cherished home.

It’s the last and final listing for the townhouse

Morgan managed to get another renter but told the source that the rental agreement was ending in June. She also teased filming at the townhouse once again when rumors surfaced that she and Luann De Lesseps were filming a spin-off for the show. 

The 4,650 square-foot home, with all the amenities and furniture, is currently back on the market, and this time the Real Housewives Of New York star thinks she may have found the right agent to sell the home. Morgan, this time hired Thomas Wexler from Leslie J Garfield& Co. to get her home sold this time. 

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“Back when Sonja Morgan and her husband purchased the house, we represented the sellers at the time,” Wexler told a news source. “We had sold this house three times before, way back in the day, including when we sold it to Sonja.

“She now has the best townhouse broker that you can find anywhere,” he added. “I think this is a good time to put it on the market. The house is priced well and it should sell

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