Mark Consuelos Recalls 'Sexual Rituals' With Kelly Ripa

Mark Consuelos Recalls 'Sexual Rituals' With Kelly Ripa

Published on March 24, 2023 16:29 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Let's Talk Off Camera, Kelly Ripa's new podcast, debuted on March 22 with her husband, Mark Consuelos. The couple discussed how they survived two years separated during the Coronavirus outbreak. There were rituals we followed," Mark admitted, "as Mark was filming Riverdale in Vancouver, and Kelly was in New York City.

Separations for long periods

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Kelly elaborated on the rituals, even though they took place ten hours apart in Vancouver. "We did have sexual rituals," she confirmed. It was so absurd over FaceTime that I started rigging the computer to hang from a ladder because I became alarmed by my appearance. 

The computer was hung over a ladder, so I could see Mark without having to see what gravity was doing. Long periods of separation from your husband bring you closer to yourself. To stay in touch, Kelly and Mark also wore bracelets that vibrated when one touched the other's wrist. Upon touching their bracelet, Kelly said, "We knew each other was thinking about the other."

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Counseling for marriage began

Even though things haven't always been perfect in Mark and Kelly's relationship, they've never stopped making it work since they eloped in 1996. In addition to having three children together, Kelly and Mark are now empty-nesters since their youngest is now a college student. They began marriage counseling because they didn't have children in the house. 

If children are no longer a distraction, wouldn't you like to be able to move past some of the issues we've been struggling with for the past 25 years?" During their first couple's therapy session, Mark asked. "It also helped him let go of things he's been holding onto for a while, like communication skills."

Having to answer someone

We are bad arguers." Mark admitted he had found many benefits in marriage counseling. Knowing that I would be accountable to somebody within a week or five days, he hesitated before doing those things. Mark, however, acknowledged that he would have a problem with a "lack of intimacy." 

He admitted that if you stopped having sex with him, he would have a problem. Nevertheless, he confirmed that if Kelly could not engage in sexual activity because of a medical condition, he would give her a pass.

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