Kate Bosworth And Justin Long Confirm Their Engagement, Calling It 'Very Organic'

Kate Bosworth And Justin Long Confirm Their Engagement, Calling It 'Very Organic'

Updated on April 05, 2023 18:38 PM by Andrew Koschiev

In a recent episode of Justin Long's podcast titled Life is Short with Justin Long, actor Justin Long announced that he and Kate Bosworth were engaged. April 4, 2023, was the date on which the couple confirmed the news. During the recent episode of the podcast, the 44-year-old comedian and 40-year-old actress discussed how the proposal happened and their relationship.

Why did Justin Long and Kate Bosworth get engaged

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According to the podcast episode description, "Kate Bosworth and Justin sit down to share their love story in an intimate setting: how the two became fast friends while working together on a film, and how they evolved into something more through trust and honesty, and how Justin asked for her father's blessings before proposing to her."

A month before Kate's birthday, I had planned a special occasion. Life changes things, as we discussed, and sometimes they change dramatically without warning. As we were going through a real-life change at that moment, Long felt it was very organic and connected to something we were going through deeply and profoundly. This led to the writing coming out naturally."

The meeting has been announced

The couple also spoke about how therapy helped them through their relationship after a particularly difficult period. After that therapy session, I woke up not so many mornings later and looked at Justin and said, "What do you need?" And, with an intense look, he replied, "To spend my life with you." I smiled and said, "Well, you've got that. 

While she posed with Long at their red-carpet debut on March 12, Bosworth was spotted wearing a diamond ring on her left hand, sparking engagement rumors. Bosworth posted a photo dump of black-and-white images of them after announcing their meeting in 2021 during the production of House of Darkness.

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