Jennifer Hudson Breaks Silence On Rumored Romance With Common: He’s A ‘Beautiful Man’

Jennifer Hudson Breaks Silence On Rumored Romance With Common: He’s A ‘Beautiful Man’

Updated on August 03, 2023 18:38 PM by Andrew Koschiev

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A famous, Oscar-winning actress, singer, songwriter, talk show host, and producer Jennifer Hudson is again in the news. This news circulates that famous Oscar-winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson and Common’s are dating each other for months. However, it seems that the couple decided to keep it private.

In a recent short video that became speculated around the internet, when TMZ asked whether they are in a relationship or not, rumors are talking. To which she simply said “Rumors say a lot of things”

She didn’t confirm or refute these rumors. At the end of the small video, she gives him a sweet comment that “He’s a beautiful man”

Initially, in a short video, the individual girl filming the video had earlier enquired as to whether or not fans may get to hear music that the two could collaborate together. Though she sounded uncertain, Jennifer did acknowledge that the collaboration would be awesome. I don't know about that, but it'd be awesome to see two Chicagoans together, she remarked. Fans can't help but imagine the incredible music these two talented artists could create together.

Back in September 2022 when Jennifer Hudson and Common were spotted together in Philadelphia, romance speculations about the two first surfaced. When she asked about news of a new romance story, Jennifer responded that they are working together in the coming movie, Breathe, and they were doing the role of husband and wife she said that “People create their narratives of it and it’s like, OK, you know, how you feel,” 

Furthermore, in the past month, a famous singer shared a picture of them with an impressive caption and she wrote: “Team Jhud pls help me with one of the brightest lights, a Chicago and hip hop legend, the one and only Common a very happy birthday today!” The post further intensified speculations about their relationship, especially since Common has yet to respond or address the rumors on social media.

Now fans are waiting to get a reply from 41- year old “If this isn’t love”. Because yet he did not give any response or uploaded any update on social media regarding the rumor about the 51-year-old rapper. 

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Regardless of whether they are truly dating or not, Jennifer Hudson's gestures towards Common have been warm, and positive. Still, it appears she is trying her best not to directly address the question of their relationship status in the video.

As the news continues to circulate and fans eagerly await any updates or confirmations from either party, it seems Jennifer and Common have chosen to keep their romance, if there is one, out of the public eye for now. The media and their fans will surely keep a close eye on any further developments between these two talented and celebrated individuals.

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